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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I Think I Can...

I think I can. What was it, the tugboat or the train who said that? In any case, the saying relates to the fact that I can, if I knit till 3 a.m. or maybe 4 a.m., drink gallons of coffee (not hard since I live in the capital of Tim Hortons,)finish the vest in time for hubby's birthday on Sunday. On the other hand, reality says he can wait for it to be done a few days afterwards. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish the left front Saturday, which will leave all the finishing to do on Sunday...I hate finishing, by the way...seaming is my weakest ability in knitting, mainly because I hate sewing, period! I don't mind doing buttonbands so much, but it's up there on my hate to do list. So the drama continues...wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

wow - Looks great. Land of Tim Horton's? No kidding. Their coffee doesn't help me stay awake anymore. I think I'm too used to it.

Good luck with the vest. Have you done the back yet?


Michelle said...

Thanks Lisa.

Another coffee addict! Tim Hortons is still, IMO, the most flavorful, if not strength. Second Cup or Starbucks is good for strong coffee, but we don't have many of them here! LOL

Yep, back is all finished. There is a pic of it in the achives somewhere if you want to have a look...try this.

Amie said...

It was the train. Hang in there - coffee's good for the heart anyway!