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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


That's what the knitter's fair was all about. Bingeman's was jam packed, probably double the attendance of last year's fair and I touched, oogled, sighed and cooed with abandon over all the luxurious fiber. To tell you the truth, I didn't know what to buy at first, I was dazed, so I decided to hunt down the few patterns I really wanted before I made any hasty fiber decisions. I bought Lucy Neatby's Faroese Flower Shawl pattern, Camelot sock pattern and Fiesta Feet sock pattern. I also got a cute felted sheep bag pattern by Fiber Trends. Now I was ready to tackle the wool selection...

Everywhere I looked, there was Koigu. Now, you'll have to excuse the fact that I've never knit with Koigu before, not that I haven't been tempted, of course. It's just that I didn't know exactly what to make with it. I really didn't want to use it for socks...I kinda wanted something special for my first Koigu experience. That's where the Charlotte's Web Shawl comes in...yep, I know I'm a little behind in the times, so sue me. At least I've discovered it and I'll finally be knitting with Koigu for the first time...congratulate me! Needless to say, I couldn't make up my mind for the colours I wanted to use while at the fair, so I just placed my order today after much pondering. I hope I chose well...I'm going for a rainbow effect, not a blending one...that'll be next, just wait and see!

Anyway, I did find a great bargain and bought 7 skeins of Briggs & Little yarn at CDN$2.99 a skein! One red Heritage to make a cap, and 6 skeins in a beautiful buttery yellow in Regal. I also got a skein of sock yarn to add to my ever growing sock yarn stash in a great orange, cream, lime, colourway...must make socks.

I hope to be able to post quite a few pics tomorrow of my Rogue, and the wool I bought at the fair. Ta!