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Sunday, September 05, 2004


This isn't the best picture, but you can pretty much see we had a marsupial siting in our backyard tonight. I never knew that opossums were indigenous to southern Ontario. If not, then this one is a long way from his native habitat. This is my first time seeing an opposum, though quirky as it is, I made a fisherman's scarf out of merino & fur (the fur being Austrailian possum) a couple of month's back.


Marlene said...

Michelle, around here (B.C.) opposums are VERY common "road pizzas". You seen them squished on the road side far more often than you will ever see them alive and moving about. Here we see live racoons a lot.

eatsomepopcorn said...

Strange isn't it. When you think of marsupials, "down-under" is the place to be. They are actually present all through North and South America. When land bridges closed and metatherians concentrated in Austrailia, marsupials proliferated in those regions and eutherians in most other parts of the world. But I guess some little guys just like to make their way whereever they please.

Michelle said...

Road pizzas, eh. Yuck! I haven't even seen an opposum, ahem, road pizza. Raccoon and squirrel road pizzas are very popular here though. [g]

Thank you for the info on opposums eatsomepopcorn. It's still a little weird that this is my first siting of one and I'm [mumble] years old.