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Friday, October 01, 2004

Oh Crap!

Well, it's been really tough finding the colours I want to finish my Charlotte...I'm beginning to think that it's never going to be on my back. It appears that Koigu is a very hot commodity, these days...hmmmm, you don't say? I've been told that the colours I'm looking for are the first ones that fly out the door. Soooo, I'm in a quandary. What to do, what to do?

In other knitting news, I turned my hubby into a swift while I wound the skein of red Briggs & Little Heritage I bought while at the KW knitter's fair and decided to start my celtic cap...mind, I have my poor unfinished Charlotte slung over the back of a chair while I ponder her colours some more. [Yes, I'm probably going to whine about Charlotte until it's finished, so there] I've also decided to use the picot edge for the cap, since it looks more feminine.

My other project, the Field of Flowers shawl is still going, but after doing about four rounds (approx. 450 stitches per round) it becomes a little tedious. I hope to finish this soon, though. In the meantime, I'll be doing quick projects...I think I hear some sock yarn calling my name.