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Friday, December 17, 2004

Ribby Cardi is Complete!

I'm wearing it now. Unfortunately, my husband didn't get home from work until about an hour ago, so I don't have a pic yet. Since we're heading up north bright and early tomorrow morning, I won't be able to post a pic until Sunday, after we get back.

The collar turned out great after I decided to redo it and a little bit of steam blocking. I'm really pleased with the fit and absolutely adore the colours. The only thing that was a mild trial for me was installing the zipper. It was my first time doing so, so it was a live and learn experience.

Gotta get some sleep now for the journey tomorrow.

Have a great weekend and

Happy Knitting...


Curlie Girl said...

I am green with envy (and jealousy) that you managed to knit a cardigan in the midst of the Christmas rush, you knitting diva, you! Can't wait to see pictures. have a safe journey and a Merry Christmas Michelle!

Maureen said...

Beautiful job on that cardi!!!! It looks comfortable and great fitting. I have been meaning to get back to you about the wig form(I think it was you). I got it at Sally's Beauty Supply. They are under three dollars.If you do not have those stores, I am sure your hairdresser can pick one up for you too. Happy Holidays to you and yours.