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Thursday, December 23, 2004

This 'N That...

First, a thank you to all that graciously commented on how nice my Cardi is. It's one of the few sweaters I've made myself that I actually love wearing, it's so comfy.

I finished my daughter's multidirectional scarf and hat to match a couple of days ago. It turned out quite nice.

I'm still not that thrilled with the Silk Garden, but I will still give it a chance for two reasons. The first reason is last skein I used to make my daughter's hat was much softer and had less matter in it then the previous two skeins I used for the scarf. The second reason is that I still haven't given it a wash...this will be the ultimate test as to whether I'll buy Silk Garden again.

I also finished my dog's new Kureyon sweater...spoiled poochie. [g] Pardon the pics, they've been altered and I'm not a professional by any means...but, because it has been so dark, I had to do something.

I actually had my dog's sweater finished before my Cardi. It's a quick knit and she was lucky to have it while we were up north last week during that major cold snap. She actually won't venture outside without a sweater on during the winter months...what a wimp!

Talking about wimps, I'm now in the process of making my cold feet a pair of felted slippers. They should be done later tonight.

Christmas is two days away! I'm relaxed...cookies are baked, presents are bought and sent. Just knitting time and dancing with my daughter...a little nip or two of Drambuie [okay, I may surpass a nip or two] and finally having my husband home for 4 solid days! I hope you're ready for Christmas...

Happy Holidays and Knitting!