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Monday, March 14, 2005

Knitter Down...

I haven't done much knitting at all over the last several days as my hands have broken out in excema. Combined with the dryness of winter and doing the obligatory cleaning of the house has done my skin in. I have been working on Mariah's sleeves, somewhat...but it's just too irritating to my skin. So, for the next week or so, I'm not cleaning or doing dishes...hubby is. [insert hysterical laughter here] As I sit and delegate his tasks, I'll have my hands slathered in cream and encased in cotton gloves, praying that my skin will clear up soon.

I do have some knitting content. I received my new knitting bag that I ordered from Knit 'N' Tyme last Friday. I ordered it last Tuesday. Talk about quick service! They've yet to disappoint me.

I really like this bag. It suits me. I never cared for the other type of bags, such as Elizabeth Austen or the ones with the wooden handles, so I have never owned a "knitting bag." I usually used my work tote, or the My Constant Companion Bags I've made.

This bag seems to be very durable and roomier than I first thought. It isn't huge, which I'm glad about. The only time I'm carting projects around is when I'm visiting up north, or when we go out for a little shopping about town. The colour is nice and bright without being garish. In other words, I like looking at it and I'm happy with it.

Both sides of the bag unzip to store needles, or any variety of notions you need to have available at all times.

It needed a little something,, I attached my Lamb Chop finger puppet to one the zippers.

Today was also my little daughter's birthday. Happy 2nd birthday, beautiful! I love you.

Keep On Knitting...


Katt said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl!

Love the bag too! And the little Lamb Chops really finishes it! ;)


Jan said...

Geez..sorry about your hands Michelle. Must be so tough when you're as busy a person as you are. Happy Birthday to your little one..kudos to your hub for being such a wonderful pinch hitter :)

Curlie Girl said...

Happy Birthday to your little one!

Your knitting bag is so cute! The perfect Springtime accessory!

Hope your hands get better soon!

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter ... she's adorable!

Mona strickt said...

Sorry I am late but "happy birthday" to your little girl nonetheless!! She has the "looking like an angel" thing right down when she sleeps, does it also work when she's awake??? ;-)

I wish you a very short recovering time from your eczema - hell, this is a very bad reason for not being able to knit, hopefully it'll be gone soon!