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Friday, May 06, 2005


Presenting Zigzag!

Pattern: Fall 2004 Knitty

Designer: Véronik Avery


Yarn: 11 balls of Peruvian Highland wool in Victorian Violet

No problems for me while knitting, except for some dang reason, I always have such a rotten time sewing on the second sleeve. The first sleeve [doesn't matter what pattern, what yarn, etc...] is always the easiest for me to sew on. Am I weird, or what?

It's so lovely. I wore it this morning to walk my dog!

Thanks to Beth, Peggy and Samantha for letting me know the correct pronunciation for boucle. It is boo-clay. I have never said this word out loud. Mainly because I've only used boucle once before, years ago, to make my youngest sister a sweater. Hence, never needing to say the word. But, when reading posts on online knitting forums, this word is bandied about, here and there...and I'll have to admit, I was doing what Curlie Girl suggested and I quote, "and the boucle (no idea how to pronounce it, other that start saying Bou...and then brush hand over mouth to stifle pronounciation." [big cheeky grin] Hey, it worked for in my head!

Thank you Carol for the tip on using embroidery floss when the time comes to seam together the Yo-Yo pullover. I'll give it a shot.

As you may all know, I have a couple of orchids and several other plants I like to baby. They all do amazingly well, considering I really don't do much in the way of care, except remembering to water them when I see them start to shrivel up. [I'm serious] So, I was so excited to see my baby Hoya producing buds for the first time since I bought it. It's three years old now and has the prettiest cluster of blooms. All pics are clickable for a larger view.

I'm a proud plant momma!

Have a great weekend.

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Toni said...


jodi said...

Zigzag looks amazing. Two new sweaters in one week, you rock!

Is that a hoya? Mine hasn't flowered in so many years I've forgotten what the flowers look like.

Anonymous said...

Zigzag looks wonderful, and that orchid is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I cannot grow plants. At all. :)
Random Knits

Julia in KW said...

ZigZag looks so good, I'm going to have to have a second look at it in Knitty!!!!

Dani said...

I love ZigZag, it looks great!

Curlie Girl said...

Zigzag looks awesome...and the violet is such a perfect spring colour...I bet you got lots of compliments on your morning walk!

I promise to walk around the house today repeating..Boo-clay, Booo-clay, Boooo-clay...hehe...with no muffling!

the impatient one said...

believe it or not, i like zigzag better than mariah! very fetching. the impatient one is content, for once. several pics in one week, rock on!

Marlene said...

Truly gorgeous! Both the sweater and the Hoya bloom. I had a hoya for decades and it never, ever bloomed.....of course in my case that was a GOOD thing as I am allergic to the blooms.

Kim said...

Zigzag looks amazing. I am also very impressed with Mariah version 2.0. I still haven't finished my first one and you've reknit the entire sweater in the same length of time. Bravo!!!

Maureen said...

Great job on your looks very nice on you.

Mona strickt said...

Zig zagga looks ab fab!

Are these the little flowers that have like velvet on top? My Mom used to have a plant like this, when she gave me a branch I killed it in no time, don't even ask about it blooming...

And: the weather here has been crappy, too!

Enjoy wearing your new sweaters!

Lisa said...

Zig Zag looks beautiful. What an amazing job you did.

Samantha said...

Zigzag is fantabulous! WOW!! And it looks great on you, too. :)

Happy knitting!!

Ooh, PS, that flower is beautiful!

Julia said...

Wow! Very nice work. Great fit. A very pretty sweater.