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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Progress...What Progress?

It's too bloody hot to make any progress on any project I'm working on. So, the Sirdar Yo-Yo Pullover is on hold until this heatwave blows over. There is nothing worse than sweaty hands making your yarn squeak on the needles. Yuck!

I did finish up my Dipsy-Doodle scarf. Fat chance you'll see me posing wearing this for a pic in this heat, but here is my 2 a.m. shot of it.

Pattern: Dipsy-Doodle U-Turn Scarf

Designer: Maureen Mason-Jamieson

Yarn/Colour:: Paton's Kroy - 1.5 balls Winter Eclipse and 1 ball Muslin

Comments: This was a great knit. Very enjoyable.

Since the only other project besides the Yo-Yo pullover I have on the needles is a sock, I decided to start my Seascape shawl using Alpaca Cloud from Knitpicks. So far, I'm really enjoying the Alpaca Cloud. Not as nice as Zephyr by Jaggerspun, but it's a totally different animal. [g] I just started tonight and managed to finish the first chart, so I'm pretty confident that it'll be perfect heatwave knitting.

My apologies to my blogger friends for not keeping up to date in reading your blogs, but when my computer thermometer reads 105.0F, you kinda take the hint that it's just too hot to even blog or comment. I shall visit soon. Until then,

Keep On Knitting...


Samantha said...

Dipsy-Doodle is lovely! Is it made with two pieces and then seamed or is it one long piece? Just curious! Either way, I love it! :)

The shawl you are making is going to be so nice to wear once this weather heads into cooler temperatures again. :)

When you ordered from KnitPicks were there any duties and taxes to pay? Also, how long did it take to arrive? I'm so tempted to order some KnitPicks yarn ... it looks so nice!! I was thinking the Andean Silk would make for a good Clapotis yarn. :)

jan said...

I'm so happy I checked the comments..I was trying to find your e-mail addy Michelle but couldn't find it. I really want to order some shine from Knitpicks and I'm also curious about the duty charges etc. The free shipping for orders over $30.00 looks enticing. I've been searching the canadian sites for shine but haven't found any as of yet. I'm just trying to find out the actual cost overall before I order.

Michelle said...

Hi Jan,

I now have an email link in my sidebar.

As for Knitpicks. Unfortunately, the free shipping over $30 is for USA customers only, . But, the good news is that because they have their own broker and charge provincial sales tax, no duty is charged and there is no hold up at the border. Your package comes right to your door with no extra fees. It's very hassle free. I've ordered from Knitpicks for the last couple of years and have always had great service.

jan said...

Thank you Michelle :) That's great news and I'll put my order in to knitpicks today :) Thanks very much for the information. I can't wait til Thursday for the beginning of cooler temperatures.

Michelle said...

My pleasure, Jan.

I'm looking forward to having cooler temps, too...keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be before Thursday! [g]

Curlie Girl said...

I know what you mean about it being too hot to knit....holy cow...I don't think it was this hot ONCE last summer. I tried to work on a sock, but those needles just started to squeak, and sweaty hands...blah!

Your scarf looks incredible...what a neat design. And I don't think anyone would blame you for not posting a modelled!

Keep cool, and hopefully the humidity will break soon!

Kimberly said...

Your Dipsy-Doodle is so pretty. Can't wait to check it out on the PC which seems to have a better color display than the laptop.

You choose great projects. I want to make the Seascape Shawl too.

I'm incredibly jealous. One of these days I'll get some real time to knit for more than a few minutes at time.

Kristin said...

Hey Michelle!

The heat really is a bear these days, isn't it? The weatherman swears that relief is on the way - but I don't trust him. I finally bought an air conditioner. Haven't left the bedroom (save for going to work) since they installed it! Ha, ha.

Dipsy-Doodle is beautiful! I agree with Kimberly, you pick wonderful projects!