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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ta Da!

Here I am in my corset.

I must say that I look pretty cute, considering that I'm wearing it while it's still quite damp. What a model must endure during a photo shoot. *Sigh*

As it so happens, I redid the sleeves. I was going to do a ribbing for a length and then flute them [Claudia did this type of sleeve on her corset and it looks fabulous], but thought better of it when I didn't think I'd have enough yarn. I just may go and get some more and redo the sleeves at a later time.

Pattern: Silk Corset Tank Top

Designer: Annie Modesitt

Size: I made the 39" for my 40" bust

Yarn: Paton's Katrina [92% Rayon-8% Polyester]in the colour Dawn. 3 balls without sleeves, 4 balls with sleeves, 1 ball white for trim.

Right now, I've started plugging away on Inishmore in the hopes of having it completed for my husband by Christmas. I think this will be possible, but considering how I've been with starting more projects than completing them lately, I could be fooling myself.

For those of you with pets, we all know they have their little quirks. My dog's quirk has always been a thing for my socks and shoes. Just mine. Not my husbands, not my daughters. Just mine. She swipes them faster than the speed of light [or at least the speed of the shudder on my camera]. The most she has ever done with them is take them to her bed and sleep with them. I've talked with other dog owners that have experienced the same thing, so maybe this isn't so unusual...until this happens

Yes, that's right.

She gnawed a hole through my handknit sock!

A hole!

In a sock that I handknit!

I'm a little perturbed.

I gave her turkey liver for thanksgiving and she gave me a hole in my handknit sock.

Guess I better cast on for another pair.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and Columbus day.

Keep On Knitting...


Lisa said...

Oh my God Michelle. The corset fits your perfectly. What an OUTSTANDING job.

Love, love, love it!!!!

Samantha said...

You look gorgeous, not just cute!!! The corset is beautiful. I love how you did the white trim on it.

Bad dog!! My dog once chewed a hole in a crocheted afghan that my mother-in-law gave made for us, and that was before I knew anything about crochet, so it sat and sat, neatly folded, waiting for my mother-in-law to repair it. She did and I don't even know where the hole was. The dog still loves the afghan. She doesn't eat it anymore, but if she gets the chance she'll lay on it and not budge an inch of her 90+ lb body if I try to get it from her. *lol*

Lisa D. said...

I love the way your corset turned out - it fits you perfectly and the colors are great!

Curlie Girl said...

Absolutely stunning! The corset fits you perfectly and looks so good. I bet your husband is drooling! I love that you added white trim, it really suits the design!

And poor puppy, he's just showing his love for all things hand-knitted the only way he knows how! Maybe he needs his own pair of socks...hehe!

Toni said...

It's so flattering on you! The white trim's a great touch.

Melissa said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous top!!!! Just love it, and it looks fabulous on you. Great job.

wendy g said...

Beautiful job on the corset!

dragon knitter said...

first words out of my mouth : "nice!" the color is flattering, the shape is flattering, and it's just an all around yum. i was going to mention claudia's blog, and her beautiful pic, but i see you've thought of it already. actually, i would almost say leave the sleeves alone. it's just right on you. the 39" huh? hmmmm, maybe i should do the 35" since i hae a 38" bust? will ahve to think on this, i'm seriously tempted.

Samantha said...

Check your email, please! :)

Eilene said...

Wow...your corset looks fab!!!

Marlene said...

Great job on the corset! You look lovely in it.