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Saturday, January 21, 2006

944 Stitches

per round and still counting on my feather and fan shawl. I've just hit row 130 out of 189, so there is still a good amount of knitting and increasing of stitches before I hit the finish line. It's the never-ending shawl. In any case, I'd like to finish this shawl before I start my Knitting Olympics preparations and before I start on any other new project.

I also decided that I should finish up the cardigan that I started for my daughter last summer. Me bad, I know.

Duplicate stitch bear on the front.

Now, I have a little gripe with our new kitty, Ramsay. You see, everytime I pick up my knitting, no matter where I'm sitting, he decides that this is the perfect opportunity to step onto my shoulder, walk on top of my head, slide down my face, [let's say I'm not fond of a kitty's arse, or anyone else's for that matter, in my face] into my lap where he plops his wee body onto my knitting. I then pick him up and put him on the floor and tell him to go be productive and catch mice, or pick on the dog. His reply to me is loud and clear when he proceeds to go through the entire ritual again. I think I'll build myself a cage to hide in with my knitting.

Back to the talk of the Knitting Olympics that our wonderfully inventive Stephanie, A.K.A. Yarn Harlot thought up for us to participate in. I've decided it was the perfect time for me to dive in and make the Sanquhar gloves. Hmmm, lace weight yarn, 1.50mm needles and colorwork. I'm out of my freaking mind! I'm competitive though and you can be sure that I'll do my best to finish them by the close of the Olympics. I'll be looking forward to everyone's progress that has joined. Good luck to all the participants!

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nadine said...

Wow !~ i'm thrilled to see your Olympic Project. Congratulations on your choice!
this will be fun.

Rhonda said...

Nice choice on the gloves. Good luck!

Sharon said...

Having just adopted a new kitten who is doing exactly the same thing to me, I sympathise totally with you. This phase in their life will pass, I hope!!

dragon knitter said...

i just noticed that you are only on page 700 of the fiery cross, and breath has been out for 4 months! good grief.

i've seen those gloves before, and theya re nice!

i'm going for quantity/speed, myself. i'm knitting 15 12" squares in 15 different patterns. and i'm swatching 7" swatches so i can send those to the same joiner (these are for charity, i didn't want to short my charity knitting to do this). so far i'm on #4 (the original #2 ended up too biased, so i had to start over, lol) good luck!

Kimberly said...

944! At least it will be worth all the work in the end.

The vest for your daughter is cute. I've never tried duplicate stitching. I'm going to google that now. :)