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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Did Somebody Mention Socks?

My daughter started out the new year with a barf, I mean bang! The last 48 hours, or is it going on 72 hours? In any case, I'll always remember January 2006 as barf-fest. She has a cold now, but is in good spirits. As for her mother, she is exhausted from all the disinfecting, laundry and lack of sleep. Why do kids always get sick in the middle of the night and why do they yak on everything within a 10-metre radius?

This is why it really lifted my spirits when I read my comments from all the understanding, encouraging knitters out there about my sock yarn stash...and who would have thought that I'd scare...or scar [wink] a couple of husbands and boyfriends along the way?

It did my heart proud, I tell ya.

My other stash, believe it or not, is not very substantial. I have enough to make two cardigans, a vest, two shawls, [nope, make that three shawls], a couple pairs of gloves and well, of course a lot of socks.

It all begin five years ago. A trip to my local yarn store and 6 balls of DGB Confetti sock yarn later and the rest is history.

The nostalgia I'm feeling comes from the fact that I'm knitting my son socks from one of those long ago bought balls of yarn.

Nothing fancy. No colourful stripes. No whistles or bells. Just grey tweedy yarn.

The whistles and bells came later...along with my obsessive hording ability.

Ahhhhh, the infamous Regia 5048 colourway. This is the mermaid socks by Lucy Neatby. The pattern is in her book, Cool Socks, Warm Feet.

Then there is Opal and their wacky animal prints...

My husbands sock...working hard on the second one.

Excuse the blur. I thought my eyes were getting misty, but it looks as though it's no more wine tonight.

My sock...also working hard on the second one.

Now I'm obsessed with Trekking yarn. I also have plans to finally try some Lorna's Laces Sheperd sock yarn.

I'm in deep. We've both come a long way, baby.

Here wee sheepy...

A girl just can't knit socks alone, now can she? This girl has been working steadily on her shy sheep vest. I'm just starting the right front and it will be off the needles soon.

I love the effect and love how the lines are a slimming vertical in this shadow knit design. Bonus!

Now, let's just hope it fits.

Keep On Knitting...


Curlie Girl said...

Awwwww, honey, I hope you and your daughter make it through the fest...ick. Moms are the best...what would we ever do without you???

Love, love, love all the knitting. It still astounds me how you canm knit sooooo much, and be sooooo busy! I have to say that the Mermaid socks are my favorite (but it's hard to choose)!

Natalie said...

More Bengals socks! :) I've got some Tiger yarn too, but I'm keeping it for myself.

Samantha said...

Hey, yeah, why is it that kids are always sick in the middle of the night? Hmmm. I smell a conspiracy!! I hope your daughter (and you) feels better soon.

Love the socks! Socks are awesome. Your feet will never be cold. :) Your vest looks amazing.

dragon knitter said...

i've been lucky (knock on wood) that my kids haven't been that kind of sick in a very long time. mostly just upper respitory stuff, and of course sean and his chapped lips (sigh).

don't forget to go tell aimee about your socks!

Kim said...

I hope your daughter feels better! Not only do kids puke on everything in sight they love to get sick one at a time! I swear there was at least one person puking in our house every day for at least 2 whole weeks in March!

Rebekah said...

I just love that vest! That's the first shadow design I've truly been impressed with and want to knit.

Kim said...

I love the shy sheep vest too! Can you tell me where I might find the pattern?

dragon knitter said...

ok, i'm confused? where did we get crocheted socks? did i say something on my blog? you can tell aimee @ about your socks. she's doing two thousand socks (six) and wants to see how many socks we can count up this year, with all us internuts. go tell her when you get them done, and maybe we can blast that out in 6 months!

Latoya said...

I like the sheep on the vest - cute! Socks you say? I enjoy knitting them and that is the reason why I started knitting. I was determined to learn and now a year later, it is certainly addictive.
Good knitting!

Alison said...

I love Trekking, too. And the shy sheep vest is just too cute!