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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

from me to you. I'm so amazingly lucky to have my husband. Two dozen beautiful roses and one for his daughter.

Since he is working all night, I will sit, knit and sniff my roses.

Speaking of knitting. I have a finished thumb.

I also need to add to my list of "things I hate to knit."

1. Corrugated ribbing

2. Digits on gloves

That's right. I don't like knitting the fingers for the gloves. Now, unless my intended victim recipient so happens to lose a couple of their fingers over the next week and a half, I won't have to knit anymore. I doubt that will happen and I guess I really don't want it to. Easier to just knit the fingers, you say? Yeah, I'll knit the blasted things.

At least it fits, eh.

Even though these are not intended for me, I know they will fit the person for whom I'll be gifting them to. May I also add that taking a picture of ones hand is virtually impossible. I'm lucky this one turned out so well.

I hope to finish the index finger tonight. I have been getting a little, hmmmmm, how to put this? Let's just say, I want to work on other projects already.

So, I just did a wee little one.

A hedgehog.

I made a few changes. I changed the nose to stockinette and did reverse stockinette stitch for the body so all the furry stuff would stay to the right side.

Ahhhh, nothing like a quick fix.

Keep On Knitting...


Curlie Girl said...

Awwww, honey....wait up for that man of yours and greet him at the door wearing nothing but those roses...hehe...happy valentine's day sweetie pie!

Got to say that thumb is precious, and so is that cute hedgehog!

Havea good night knitting away and smelling those beautiful roses!

Natalie said...

Now you know why my Sanquhar glove has been sitting in the same state as yours currently is (thumb only) for months and months now. :)

Samantha said...

Hi Michelle - I like your background pattern. :) The hedgehog is adorable! I love the glove, so I'm sure the recipient will love it too. :) And the flowers -- so pretty! My hubby surprised me with a V-day pressie too! :)

Rebekah said...

I love those gloves, so cute, can't wait to see the fingers, well unless the recipient loses them soon.

The hedgehod is priceless.

Sharon said...

Looking at the gloves, beautiful though they are, I can see why you needed to knit the hedgehog.

He is so cute.

Marlene said...

I received a free ball of Berroco furry yarn in some promo and I gave it to my daughter to knit herself a hedgehog. You can't tell in the photo on her blog, but the furry stuff has a bit of sparkle in it so he's a gussied up version of hedgehog I guess.

Your gloves are looking great!