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Friday, February 03, 2006

I'm Recharging...

the batteries for my camera.

Of course, this morning was full of sunshine. Perfect for a few snapshots of my knitting. Then it happens.

No battery, no pic.

Must recharge.

17 hours worth of recharging.

'Nuff said.

See you tomorrow.

Keep On Knitting...


Samantha said...

Ouch! 17 hours!! It only takes my batteries for my camera an hour to charge. 17 hours would be torture.

Michelle said...

You're lucky Samantha, you have the good ones. Mine are just the cheapies.

Sharon said...

Don't be tempted to do what I did, I bought a spare set of batteries, thinking that while one lot were charging I could just use the fully charged ones. Half the time the so called fully charged ones are flat too.

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