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Saturday, April 15, 2006

On This Day

Twenty-four years ago, I had a baby boy.

Twenty-four freaking years ago!

He's a man now, but I still see him as my little boy.

Happy Birthday Sweetie. I love you.


jan said...

Happy Birthday to the little tax deduction :) He's a very handsome lad Michelle :) My son is also 24..such a wonderful age :) Happy Easter or Passover. It's such a beautiful weekend..nice and sunny.

Dipsy said...

Happy birthday to your son! He's such a handsome looking young man and I can well imagine how proud you're on him!
Happy Easter!

dragon knitter said...

lol, jan, in the us, he's no longer a tax deduction. nice looking boy, though. happy birthday to him! and i do understand, my daughters are 21 & 20, and they're still little girls to me

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday!!

Lisa D. said...

Happy birthday to your son. What a cute post - my boys are 9 and I wondered if I'd ever feel they weren't my baby boys... sounds like I won't!

Curlie Girl said... sweet a Mom are you!

Happy Birthday!

Hope you all had a great week-end!