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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What Can I Say?

I'm a blog-slacker.

I haven't been slacking in my knitting or other areas of daily life though. Our backyard is now dog-poop free and can be enjoyed by all. Spring cleaning has started and will probably carry itself straight through into autumn. We've decided major organization of our basement is in order. Not fun, but it will feel good to get it all tidy.

With all the activity going on, I did manage to finish my daughter's Bearly There Cardigan.

Pattern: Beehive Booklet 495; Knit Menagerie

Yarn: Paton's Astra

I've made this cardigan several times over the years. Once for my son when he was a little guy and I've made it for my youngest sister years ago and also a niece. This booklet was published in 1987, so it's nice to know it is withstanding the test of time. With me, anyway.

These are the cute little bee buttons I found for the cardigan. I thought they were perfect.

Since I can't stand only having one pair of socks on the needles, I cast on for these Dublin Bay socks. Nice simple lace pattern on the side gives it just enough interest without losing the "mindless project" need.

I'm also crazy enough to attempt to knit one more cardigan before the summer heat comes to suffocate me. That and my husband wants it ready to wear for the autumn. He doesn't want to wait. Nope, not him.

This is Sigvaldi from the Best of Lopi and since it's bulky wool, it should knit up quickly.

Come the autumn, I have another Lopi sweater I'll be making. It's called Förd from Lett Lopi Book 13. Should be interesting. I think the Sanquhar gloves I started for the Knitting Olympics started a colour-knitting bug with me. Let's see how long that lasts.

I hope to catch up with everyone this week.

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R2K said...


Samantha said...

I love love love those bee buttons! Where did you find such cute buttons?!? The sweater looks great. Both sweaters, actually. I really like the colours of the Lopi sweater. :)

Put me on the list of people with dog-poop-free backyards. Now I just have to get back into the daily routine of scooping it up. Thankfully she usually only poops twice a day. LOL

Rebekah said...

Your daughters sweater is adorable, the buttons are incredibly cute too.

Curlie Girl said...

The bear sweater is so cute! It's nice to have a pattern with a history, that you've seen so many of your family, wear and enjoy!

And nice colourwork...can't wait to see Ford, it's a gorgeous patter!

Sharon said...

Bearly there is adorable. I adore Lopi jumpers they are timeless classics.