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Friday, June 30, 2006

Okie Dokie

It has been a hectic two weeks here, but all is good when you look inside your mailbox to find the prize to a blog contest you won over at Knittyknotty's is sitting there. I totally forgot all about it, so it was really nice to take a breather and enjoy my prize.

Two balls of Austermann Peru in a lovely blue and it's so soft. My daughter loves the lei's! It's amazing because right now her favorite book is Arthur's Try It, You'll Like It and it has a Hawaiian theme, so these really brightened her day. Thanks so much, it made our week!

I unfortunately haven't accomplished much knitting. The knitting for the Culdesac vest is almost complete and I'm going to try really hard over this long holiday weekend to finish up the entire vest.

Instead I've been knitting little pieces for my knitted babe. This outfit is complete and I'm working on three others. I'm having a lot of fun with it and the knitting is fast.

Oh, and because I just love a new knitting gadget, I went ahead and ordered the newest Row Counter Plus from Knitpicks. I think this is a promising investment but for one thing that really irritates me. You cannot turn it off. The first electric row counter that came out last year has this option. Even though you cannot turn it off while it is in use, you can turn it off for storage purposes. This new one doesn't and it bugs me because I can just see me starting an aran pullover and putting this row counter to use and waking up the next morning and the batteries are dead and I've lost all the info. Grrrrr. Ah well, maybe it's just knitter's paranoia?

Have a fun and safe Holiday weekend!

Keep On Knitting...

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Rebekah said...

Oh my goodness, the doll is absolutely adorable, but the slippers on the doll, those would make me buy the book on their own.

Samantha said...

The doll is perfect! :)

The electronic row counter looks interesting. Let us know how you like it. How big is it? It looks huge in that picture. *lol*