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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Photography Insight

The last three days were real scorchers. We were all pretty lethargic from the intense heat. We don't have central air but at least we do have one air conditioner in our bedroom, thank the merciful heavens. Even so, I only use it at night so all of us, the cat and dog included, can at least have a good night's sleep. Today is much nicer. A little humid, but I can deal with it.

Anyhooo, I managed to stay alive and to complete the back of the Culdesac vest last night. It's looking really nice, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, today is the day I have no natural sunlight to take a good photo. Figures. The first few shots I took using the flash were useless. You can barely make out any cable detail.

Auto Setting With Flash

I could tweak it in my photoshop program, but it ends up looking grainy,, I thought I'd actually put my camera to some work and play with the settings that I rarely use. I have a Canon Powershot A85. It's a 4 mega pixel. Not the best, but hey, I'm taking pictures of pets, kids and knitting. It does its job well enough for that.

First I wanted to see the differences between flash and no flash shots. They are a little dark, but you can see quite a difference between each. All these photos are clickable to view a larger image.

Auto Setting With No Flash

You can make out cable detail without using a flash. Had I actually had decent natural light, these would be much better. But, even without the natural light, there is still quite a difference between the first two shots.

Onto the other settings. I have one called vivid. I went ahead and enhanced this one in the pic just after this one. This setting really brightened things up without a flash.

Vivid Setting With No Flash

Vivid Enhanced

Here we have sepia. I thought it would have been a much better picture, but I'm not to crazy about it. I think the vivid is much better.

Sepia Setting With No Flash

Last are the black and white photos.

Black and White Setting with No Flash

Black and White Enhanced

So, there you have it. My little foray into photography. Now to get back to what I'm better at. Knitting.

Have a good one and Keep On Knitting...

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dragon knitter said...

any wway you slice it, it's very nice.

Curlie Girl said...

I see those beautiful cables...I see them!

Samantha said...

It looks great. The cables are beautiful. I have never played with the settings on my camera, perhaps it's time I try that too. *lol*

Marlene said...

It looks lovely no matter how you photograph it. I would really like to make that one too. It's from a magazine isn't it? Interweave Press?

evelyn said...

Really love the cables on your vest pattern, can I buy the magazine here in the UK.

Melissa said...

It looks gorgeous in all the pictures. And are one speedy knitter!!!