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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just Call Me...

a knitting bag Jezebel!

Lexie Barnes Flo Knitting Bag

in Neptune.

This bag is for my sock projects only and it's perfect.

Praises to Make One Yarn Studio for making this order so easy. Thanks ladies!

I am now sheepishly eyeing a Namaste knitting bag.

I'm shameful.


aLcAtRaZ said...

Hello, I like your photos. I am called Juan, I been 21 years old, alive in Argentina in the city of Buenos Aires. I am in pair with a woman who was born in Canada in the city of Montreal, my fiancèe lived there until the 13 years. So long.

Liz said...

Hello, I like your photos too. har har har ;) No really? I love the new bag ... and thanks for the intro to the namaste web site... personally I'm loving the needle binder. How clever!

Natalie said...

That is a really cute bag!

Melissa said...

Oh, you are shameless with the bags! But that one is oh, so tempting. Very, very cute.

dragon knitter said...

you shameless bag hussy! it is neat, though.

me, i just stick with canvas bags, lol.

and thanks for your words of encouragement, i think the world of it. and i think i'm back!