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Friday, September 01, 2006

Can You Believe It?

Knitting content and with pics! [insert applause]

Don't get too enthusiastic. The pics aren't that great.

My beaded Diamond Fantasy shawl is done like yesterday's dinner.

The beads are me.

Pattern: Diamond Fantasy Shawl

Designer: Sivia Harding

Yarn: Knitpicks palette in white [splits like crazy]

Needles: 3.75mm

Other: 4 trillion beads [of which 3.98 trillion were lost in places I can't even fathom. I'm just thankful I don't have any lodged in me bum]. My beading rows were 44 and 54. I ended up only knitting 9 repeats of the chart because, wonder of wonders, I ran out of beads!

I also finished up one Trekking #78 sock.

and I immediately cast on for the second. I really luvva, luvva, luvva this colour and knitting these up. I'm also trying the band heel for the first time. It is still a heel flap, but the construction is such that you don't have any gusset decreases. Clever, huh?

Okay, so this next one isn't so special. I think just about every knitter is making or, has knit, has seen, has plans to knit, etc...the ballband dishcloth and I'm one of them.

Nothing like a little mindless, yet interesting knitting. [Yea, I'm easily amused]

It's the long weekend folks. Stay safe and have a good one. I'll leave you with my daughter's first drawing. [she has drawn before, but it, ahem, never looked like much]. But this, this is a masterpiece! A picture she drew with her own two little hands of her dad.

It looks just like him.

Keep On Knitting...

P.S. Deb, bring on the drool baby!


Shannon said...

WHOO HOOO a post! The shawl looks great, I laughed out loud about all the lost beads and thank god you dont have any in your bum. For all the times I have to pick up and put down my knitting around two clumsy little angels I cant even imagine knitting with beads yet. LOL good on ya, it looks great.

Dandy said...

Lol.. that pic made me laugh.. it looks JUST likt the ones my kids made when they were little.. only my youngest daughter added a little dot for the belly button.

just a question about the sock... with the different heel, does it still fit normally?

your shawl looks great too!

Chelle said...

Gorgeous shawl! I've never worked up the courage to work with beads, I salute you!

Anonymous said...

Love the drawing! Reminds me of the potato people my daughter used to draw all the time. I sure do miss those guys.

Samantha said...

Michelle, the shawl is beautiful ... simply beautiful. I'm glad you don't have any beads lodged anywhere unpleasant. They'll turn up eventually ... when you're least expecting them.

I really like the sock too. The colours are great. :)

Your dd's picture of your dh is wicked awesome! :)

Wannietta said...

The shawl is gorgeous - well done!

Wow - does your daughters picture take me back. Amanda's people used to look just like that ... I love 'em! I still have a few and they never fail to make me smile.

Melissa said...

Oh, the shawl is beautiful!!! That's on my list of to-do shawls. Yours is very inspirational!!!