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Thursday, September 14, 2006

For Your Viewing Pleasure

The Last Knit

It's incredible.

I think she knits almost as fast as you, Wannietta.


Janine said...

What a find! The detail is wonderful - I will have to mention it in my post today, we need to spread the word about this one :-)

Samantha said...


Happy Wedding Day!! :)

dragon knitter said...

i think i'll have to link that one on my blog as well. absolutely amazing! insane, but amazing

dragon knitter said...

oh, and congrats to you, too! we had so much leftover food that we donated a bunch to a local homeless shelter (to include wedding cake!)

Shannon said...

LOVE IT! So cute!

Wannietta said...

What a great video - glad you shared the link. I love how they got the metal needle clickin' rhythm down. Good thing she's not competing at the CSNF.