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Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Belated Merry Christmas...

and knitting related resolutions for the new year.

Please pardon my absence during the holidays. Hectic is a definite understatement to what has been this holiday season for us and it isn't over yet. New year's is a breath away and yet more visiting from friends. More cooking, baking, cleaning. It just seems to not end for a solid three weeks and frankly, I'm pooped.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you are all recovering nicely from the festivities. May you all have a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!

Since another year has come and almost gone...and I look around at all the knitting paraphenalia laying about the house I've had to resort to something drastic. A new year's knitting resolution.

I've never considered having a new year's resolution for myself let alone for my knitting, but hey, I like to try things at least once.

What prompted me to even contemplate making a knitting resolution is that I have too many projects on the needles that aren't getting done...and I want them done...and I want to start new projects...but, not before these lingering ones are complete. That and trying new things that I've been hesitant to try before.

So, here it is...

1. Complete all lingering projects currently on the needles. This includes socks. Just remember Michelle, if you manage to complete the five...okay, six mates of socks that you currently have on the needles, you can start on fresh ones and your enormously well-endowed sock yarn stash will thank you for not forgetting about them when you crack open the lid to decide on another funky coloured pair of socks. I may even contemplate the sock marathon being hosted by Lime & Violet on Flickr.

2. Invest in some hand-painted, ahem, sock yarn. Yes, I know I already have this, ummm, shall we say, over abundant sock yarn stash, but it doesn't have any hand-painted sock yarn in it. I've always hesitated in buying hand-painted sock yarn because I'm not crazy about flashing or pooling colours. Let's just say that I've seen that it isn't always the case and I'm willing to take the plunge and ummmm, invest in some. Yeah, that's it...invest. Investments are good. Right?

3. Do not stray from the list. I repeat, do not stray from the list. Yes, I have a list. Many lists to be honest. I have a list for all my yarn, a list for future projects, a list of my needle inventory, a list of my books, etc...I'm a list kinda gal. The list I'm referring about sticking to is my "MUST HAVE OR MY KNITTING MOJO WILL SUFFER" list. Yep, got one of those too. Unfortunately, I've strayed too many times from this list in the last year. I've accumulated too many knitterly things that are collecting dust...or worse, little signs with Moth Hotel written on them.

That's about it...but, it's pretty hefty in my opinion. I've had a bit of a knitting lapse this last year. I felt like knitting, but my projects didn't or weren't filling the need...get what I'm saying? Hence the stray from my "list" to find that elusive wonderful, enjoyable, don't want it to end, project and starting a slew of them before one was even close to being complete. I'm hoping my resolutions will put me back on track.

Which brings me to the Telemark Ski sweater from Knitpicks that I'm working on. I finally managed to finish a sleeve. See...

I had to frog this stinker several times because the instructions weren't cutting it for me. My solution was to increase every 4th row to 84sts. Why they would tell you to increase to 88sts when you have to decrease again to 84sts is beyond me. Anyway, my way seems to have worked to my satisfaction. Now on to the next.

I'm also working on a gnome that is to be a gift for my neighbour for Christmas, but will be a few days late. [sigh] Told you it was hectic. I hope to complete it sometime today to give it to her.

If you're interested, the pattern can be purchased from Simply Knitting.

Keep On Knitting...


gray la gran said...

oooh, that's a tough resolution i think. i've thought about something similar, but more in the rewards way ... ie: perhaps i can alternate between finishing projects and beginning fresh projects?
and perhaps, there are just some projects that just need to be ripped!
and i hope to find a better way to embrace the holidays next year, as to avoid the stress. i love the holidays, but i don't enjoy the stress i put upon myself, whether with meal planning or making gifts.
happy knitting!

Marlene said...

I'm always amazed how similar our thought patterns often are Michelle. I have also been thinking along this same line, although I don't think I have as many ongoing projects as you. Never know though. I haven't tidied up the stash room for awhile.

For my birthday my husband has said I can order a beautiful Dale of Norway sweater kit. I won't allow myself to start on it until I get all of the UFO's out of the way. I've been working on it for a few weeks and figure I should be good to go by about mid-January at the latest.

I also have a long list of projects I want to do, but keep letting other, less coveted projects get in the way.

dragon knitter said...

i actually KNOW lime & violet! (does that make me a semi-super star?). i'm going to participate in the sock marathon as well, even though i don't have that much sock yarn. i'll fake it, lol.

good luck with your resolution!

Carrie said...

I love your sweater sleeve, and that gnome is too cute! I'm a list maker, too, and the list of knitting projects would be intimidating if I didn't have a plan... finish one a month. Should work. Good luck on your projects, and have a Happy New Year!

Christy J said...

That gnome is adorable. Thanks for the link. There's a long time until next Christmas, so hopefully I'll have time to finish some UFO's myself, before I get sidetracked by these little guys.

Curlie Girl said...

All the power to you, my knitting goddess! Sounds like quite a plan, and I know you'll pull it off.

Telemark looks incredible, and here I am still stuck on the body! And how cute is that gnome!

Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year...may there be lots of lovely, hand-painted fiber in your future!

Shannon said...

Cutie little gnome guy. And good luck with the resolutions!

consider yourself tagged, see my blog for details :P