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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Egads! I May Be Nuts...

Today's Confession: When life just doesn't give you the time during the week to knit, make a video for posterity...or to add another skeleton in your closet.

Yep, not much knitting done this week. I was hoping to finish off a couple of socks and perhaps knit to the head portion of my dragon shawl, but I've just turned the heel on the socks and I'm still on the wings of the dragon.

I felt like blogging though, so I whipped up a couple of videos showing me spinning and knitting. I always enjoy watching the different knitting styles of knitters. I'm voyeuristic that way. It's my p@rn. I wish there were more videos of people spinning. Perhaps there are and I just haven't come across them.

So, here I am spinning on my wheel, Quig's. I haven't learned a "technique" yet. I just spin and have fun.

I'm spinning Northern Lights top by Louet in the cactus flower colorway. I want to finish this up quickly so I can start spinning the superwash merino I just scored.

Here I am knitting on one of the aforementioned socks. Please ignore my horrible skin. My excema is inflamed. Just on my right hand though. Last month it was my left. It's frigging toying with me.

It isn't easy knitting and operating a camera at the same time. I was using a tripod, but my boobs kept knocking the handle that adjusts the camera angle. There must be a better way.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed it.

Keep On Knitting...


dragon knitter said...

ok, what superwash merino are you talking about? i'm so confused! (of course, i've had a migraine all day, so my brain isn't functioning anyway!)

Jane said...

Thanks for the videos! It's always fun to see someone else knitting or spinning. Did you use a video rechorder or did you use a movie option on a digital camera? I've never tried to do a video post and don't own a video rechorder but I think my digital camera has a movie setting for a short clip. Maybe I could post my knitting and spinning too! I'm a "thrower" too. I could never get the hang of the other way of knitting and I'm not in it for the speed :-)

Kathy said...

Did you like the Northern lights fleece?
The colour looked lovely.

About the eczema, I had eczema until last year, from the age of about 8, until I was 31. Now, believe me when I say this, I never in a million years thought this would work, my family is from the school that thinks allergies are all a state of mind.
I got allergy testing done two years ago, I have lots, so was put on shot therapy, one shot a week for a while, then every two weeks, after only one year I was eczema free, I was blown away.
Do you know the trigger for the eczema? Mine on my hands was triggered by chlorine, so being a SAHM, without a dishwasher, I had awful hands, my husband refused to look at them, and sometimes I couldn't even knit.
If you haven't had allergy testing it may be worth that horrid little test they have to do on you.

Marlene said...

I have some of that same superwash merino (even some of the same colours), and I am finding it rather difficult to spin. I'm normally quite an even spinner and enjoy spinning quite fine. I thought I would spin this up for socks, but with this particular stuff I can spin neither fine, nor even. I'll have to go for a more rustic, "art-yarn" and change my planned use for it.

Just thought I'd let you know. I know you're new to this spinning hobby and I wouldn't want you to get discouraged.

Michelle said...

Kathy: Yep, I have allergies. Excema is funny though. I've suffered from it my entire life. I'll get outbreaks, like I have now and they'll last a couple of years...stress and other factors help aggravate it. Then it'll go away for several years. I'm tired of pumping crap into my system because it just alleviates the problem, doesn't eliminate it. I had one poor guy talk about having severe excema as a kid and he said it never returned as an adult and voila, there he is in my dermatologists office...a flaking mess. LOL

Marlene: Thanks for the heads up. I bought some of their superwash merino last year at the knitter's fair and used it on my drop spindle. It is really slippery, but I found my way around it pretty much.