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Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Do You Spell Relief?

I managed, with the dexterity of a skilled and whacked out neurosurgeon, to rip my shawl back to row 131. I am thrilled to itty-bitty pieces.

I thought I'd try and show you what I was trying to describe in yesterday's post about the twisting stitch.

Here is a wee section of the graph to illustrate the offset of the twisted stitch. You can see that it moves one stitch to the right.

What I have decided to do is, when I am working the wrong side row and I come to the twisted stitches that need to be slipped, I slip them onto a stitch marker...the kind that are like plastic safety pins. This way, when I work my right side row, I know immediately where they are and frankly, don't have to think as hard.

Then, when I come to that point in the above graph, I see that one stitch won't be worked until after the twisted stitch because I'm moving the twisted stitch one stitch to the right. Because I had already slipped my stitches to the marker when I worked the wrong side row, I just need to work the twisted stitch using the two stitches on my marker, then continue on as normal to the next twisted stitch in the row. I don't need to worry about slipping the extra stitch to a cable needle, holding it to the back, working the twisted stitch, etc...

This is done so that these same two twisted stitches travel to make a floating line to define whatever it is being defined.


I bet you're still confused, huh?

Too bad, I'm not! Nanner, nanner, nanner!

Sorry, couldn't resist. [snort]

To top it all off, like the succulent maraschino cherry on a banana split, my friend [the riot that I made the socks for] gave me a fifty dollar gift certificate to Michaels as a thank you.

I told him I'd make him as many pairs of socks as he wanted. [wink] Thanks bunches, G.

Have a good one folks!

Keep On Knitting...


Jan said...

I thinked you really lucked into something Michelle :) Socks at $50.00 a pop eg just kidding.

That was sweet of him to do that...I'm sure you'll have spent your gift certificate in no time at all ;)

Eileen said...

wow... $50.00 for a pair of socks? nice! do you think he'll mind if i knit him a pair, too?? ;)

Wannietta said...

Socks is the one thing that I choose not to knit for others (except family). You totally deserve the GC & I'm glad that he was so appreciative.

Have a fun little spree!!

Jane said...

Thank you for posting on the agony of knitting the Dragone shawl and your suggestion on how to work that pesky stitch. I have to make that shawl for my neice as soon as I finish one of my other projects. As for ripping back rows. I had to rip back 10 rows of my WRS as I am not clever enough to fix some errors, so I feel your pain. The lovely gift certificate will help ease your pain I hope. Good Luck with the shawl and I will keep tracking your progress for encouragement and hints!

Samantha said...


I'm glad you were able to fix it and find a way to make it so its easier to find those little stitches again. :)