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Saturday, August 25, 2007


If you have a schematic for a cardigan that reads for a finished width of [S]50cm; [M]55cm; [L]60cm and the recommended gauge is 24 stitches over 10cm what do you have?

Wrong measurements?

I don't know. I was knitting along on my la la, la. Checking my gauge periodically as I'm knitting la la, la. I knit to a length that had some oomph to it. I hold it up and it looks rather small[ish].

"Oh, it'll block out no probs. My gauge is bang on." says I. So, I keep knitting la la, la.

Until this morning, when I decided after only one cup of coffee, to do some math.

I know. I don't know what I was thinking, either.

This is what I came up with.

The medium size schematic for the Kauni gives you a finished width measurement of 55cm. I want to note that I did my math to come up with a circumference size.


When I did my math [and this is where I'll need your help, cause I just ain't into math] this is what I came up with.

242 stitches + 11 increase stitches = 253 stitches.

24 stitches over 10 cm = gauge.

253 divided by 24 = 10.541

10cm multiplied by 10.541 = 105.41cm or 41.5 inch circumference.

The pattern has the measurement at 55cm. Or, 55cm x 2 = 110cm or 43.30 inches.

This is a difference of 1.8 inches in circumference.

When you take into account the steeks and because when I knit the button bands they will overlap, I'll be losing another 3cm.

As Minnie would say, "Oiy!"

When I did the math for the large, I got a circumference of 45.43 inches, not the 60cm x 2 = 120cm or 47.24 inches stated in the pattern.

My bodacious bust measures 41". If this was a pullover, I wouldn't be concerned. Since this is a cardi and I don't want puckering...

Guess what is going to happen to this?

Can we say it together?


Edit: See, I can't blog on two cups of coffee. I just want to add that the centre 13 stitches are for the steek. So, I'm still losing.

Edit #2: Oh geez, I just noticed I took a pic of the back. Figures. Need another cup of coffee.

Keep On Knitting...


Marlene said...

But wait Michelle. Your button bands are added on aren't they? Won't that be ADDING width? If you knit two button bands, one for each side, even if they overlap they will still add the width of ONE of the button bands. How much additional width do you need. It would be such a shame to frog all that beautiful work.

It's very inspiring, by the way. If I wasn't up to my ears in "must do-s" and allergic to having too many projects on the go at once, I'd have to cast on for that one immediately!

Michelle said...

Oh Marlene, I wish that was the case. Thirteen of those stitches are for the steek. I should have clarified that. So, I'll be losing 13 stitches, but gaining them back for the button bands, which of course, overlap. Wah! LOL

Marlene said...

Okay, I'm doing the math along with you, but I went to inches instead. Even though I'm Canadian, I'm old enough that it is still often easier for me to think in inches.

You have a gauge of 6 stitches per inch. (24 divided by 4 = 6).

253 divided by 6 = 42.166666"

The body of your sweater, as knit, should be a little over 42" around. Add in the one inch or so for the button band and BINGO, you have your approximate pattern measurement of just over 43 inches.

The only problem I can see is if those 253 stitches INCLUDE your steek stitches. If they do, then yup, sounds like a designer error.

Marlene said...

Oh. Oops. Your comment came in as I was typing my second. Well yes, it sounds like an error in the pattern.

If it's any help, heh,'ll fit ME!

I don't know anything at all about this pattern, but from your recent yarn purchase I'm guessing it is actually done with two balls of yarn, each shading throughout, rather than a whole bunch of different colours all being cut after it's finished? If that's the case at least you can reuse the yarn. You'll be losing time, but not yarn.

One more thought though. If you need to knit the bigger size now will you have enough yarn?

Michelle said...

LOL Marlene, if I had enough for two, I'd just continue and send it to you!

I do indeed have enough to make the large, though...and you're correct that there is no cutting, just using the displaced colours from two balls. So, that is a good thing.

Wannietta said...

It looks so good - I love the way that the colours are working out. I'm sorry that you have to rip it out, but knitting it again will be fun. As long as you don't endlessly calculate where you could have been. Right?

Donna said...

If I ever get around to knitting it, I'll remember all this.
Right now though, you have my deepest, heart felt sympathies.

Daisy said...

Could you tell me how soft the Kauni yarn is. What would you compare it to? Thanks.

dragon knitter said...

i mourn your loss. oy!

Michelle said...

Wannietta: You're right, it's a fun knit and I probably won't think too much of where I could have been because of it. On the other hand, I may up end feeling too secure in the knowledge that I'm making the right size and it'll through my gauge off. LOL

Donna and Minnie: Thanks! At least I didn't figure this out after I cut the steeks.

Daisy: This is not a soft yarn. It's coarse, but I've knit with coarser. It'll make a nice cardigan for outer wear, but not next to your skin.

Shannon said...

Holy Moly you've had a tortured weekend of calculations. At least the colors look awesome! And I have a feeling that despite the frogging.... your lovin every minute ;)

qusic said...

when life gives you lemons,make a vest, don't frog,pleeeeease.