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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Recovery is a Bitch

I was going to update my blog last week because I was finally starting to feel better. I also had some knitting to show. I was excited to have made progress on something, especially feeling better.

Then it happened.

This week has been the stomach flu, times three.

It started Sunday night with my daughter and husband...actually, it would be more appropriate to say early Monday morning. In my experience, children never throw up before midnight or after seven in the morning.

I was feeling it Tuesday morning. By Tuesday night, I was immobile. Literally.

So, to all of you that read my blog, send me some of your get well vibes...or throw some garlic at me or something. [wink]

Let's get to the good stuff...knitting!

I finished one of the sleeves on my Kauni Cardigan.

and started the other.

I'm really excited about being so close to the finish line with this cardigan. I'm hoping that if I stay well [knock on my head] I'll manage to have this completed by the end of next week.

I also started on a new pair of socks using some Original[DK weight] Duet sock yarn from my stash...unfortunately, it was during my "regular" flu delirium a week and a half ago.

Steel Heart Socks

Why unfortunately?

Well, I'm knitting these toe up, magic cast on increased to 52 stitches and short row heel. I wanted to make the most of the yarn, but alas, being that this is only my second ever pair of toe ups I've ever knit, I forgot to weigh and divide the yarn.

I'm kinda stumped as to what to do now because the yarn comes with a mini hank of contrasting colour for the heel and toe, so weighing it now that it has been knit seems kinda pointless.

Also, a big thank you to Tammy for choosing me as one of the blogs that make her day! Honestly, I think she made my day more than I probably make hers. [insert crazy hyena laugh here]

I'm supposed to pass this on to ten people, but I'm going to do this instead. Anyone that reads this here pitiful blog of mine and can muster through all the sickness I write about, you make my day! So, grab the button.

On top of that, I want to make special mention to, in no particular order;

Shannon from Dreams of Yarn because of her fearlessness in all things fibre. You've come a long way girl and I'm enjoying your journey.

Wannietta from What's Wannietta Knitting Today? for her tenacity in knitting. You go, girl! I voted red. [wink]

Marlene from Wovenflame for her endless creativity in all things fibre related. She does it all. Seriously.

Minnie from Muses of a Dragon Mad Knitter for her endless energy [of which I have none] and her devotion to her family.

Monika from Smoking Hot Needles because I have a serious crush on her dogs Sam and Biko and she has fantastic knitting too!

Stephanie from Yarn Harlot because she takes the time.

Mona from Knit Stricken! because I want to know where the heck you are!

Kimberly from Kimberly's Korner for being the sweetheart she is.

Kim from Curlie Girl because she has had to endure and overcome, yet is still gentle while gaining strength.

Samantha from Me, Myself and Milotis78 because she has three of the cutest kids and keeps it all together while knitting.

Knit On!


Wannietta said...

You poor thing!! I am using massive amounts of Cold FX and willpower to not get sick in the upcoming week.
Thanks Michelle !! I love reading your blog too - you're always knitting or spinning something interesting!

dragon knitter said...

VITAMIN C! it's the wonder drug. umm, well, ya know what i mean. hope the rest of the creeping crud stays away.

and you make me blush, lol.

tammy said...

Sending you healthy vibes! Your Kauni is looking particularly lovely though, and that's got to be some consolation. :)

Carrie said...

I had to laugh when you said kids don't get sick before midnight or after 7:00 a.m. I didn't realize it was a rule, rather than just what happens at my house =) I was too intimidated to start the kauni cardigan, but yours is looking great! I love the color play.

Sunflowerfairy said...

Sending healthy vibes!!

Regarding the sock, and I'm no sock master (I hate making them, actually)- can you knit some of the cuff on the 1st sock, still keep the stitches live, then knit second sock, up until where the 1st sock end, then bind off both?

That way there's a safety net- if you still have yarn left and you want to add to the first sock, you can attach it (I know, more ends to weave in). If not, bind off. It's not a definate calculation, but it will help, right?

Micky said...

Your Kauni is beautiful!

Ani said...

you could do as sunflowerfairy said above, but start knitting the second sock from the other end of the ball without breaking the yarn. Then your socks will sort of meet in the middle of both balls.

Gloria Patre said...

Your Kauni is amazing!! The colors are SO beautiful! I'm totally project-envying here!!
I really love the colors of your socks too! I only knit toe-up and can totally relate to your problem about dividing the yarn into two. Since you've already got quite a bit of the first sock knit and it would be pretty tough to divide by weight simply start knitting the second sock from the outside of the ball. (yes, before you finish the first one). This is only a problem if you only have one set of needles. Just slip the stitches of the first sock onto waste yarn. Ya, it's a bit fiddly but knitting is an adventure, right? And how could anyone get upset knitting with such yummy yarn - even if the method is a bit of a hassle.....
This is my first visit to your blog - thanks to Shannon's link - I promise not to be so wordy next time! :D
I'm The Lazy Knitter, if you're wondering....

Marlene said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog --- and your kind comment! I like the way you handled your award. I received a blogging award a while back and have been feeling all guilty because I just could not wean my favourites down to just 10 and ended up not doing my part at all. I have way too many blogs in my bloglines subscription. Yours was one of my first regulars, and will stay when I eventually have to do a weeding out of sorts.

Gloria Patre said...

Aw gee garsh! (blush! blush!) I like visiting yours too! I'm looking forward to seeing your socks all done - such dee-lish yarn!