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Thursday, March 05, 2009


My husband, dear that he is, signed me up for this years Rockin' Sock Club offered by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Yes, he loves me...and yes, he wanted to shut me up. (wink)

I wasn't whinging.


I was just undecided as to whether I would like a sock club, even though I wanted to be a part of it.

Does that even make sense?

In any case, my husband took it upon himself to settle the matter and I'm glad he did. I absolutely love January's installment.

Pattern: Queen of Beads Photobucket

Designer: Sivia Harding

Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight in My Blue Heaven (sorry, this colour won't be available to non-club members till next year)

Needles: 2.50mm

Size: Medium

Yes, there is beading on the foot of the sock. It's optional, but I decided to go for it cause, seriously, how many pairs of socks will I knit with beads on the foot? These will be my "pamper me because, fill in the blank" socks.

Now it's time to finish up another plain vanilla pair for my sweetie, G.

I need to knit another 8-9 pair of plain vanilla socks for family members that are just begging for them. They are quite pitiful, really. (The begging family, not my socks) So, I've decided to be merciful and knit them for their Christmas gifts. I refuse to knit my fingers to the bone the last three months before said holiday, so I'm starting now.

Oh, I wanted to mention that I'm twittering. I really don't know why. It's just a quick one liner update to the blog that's in my sidebar. If you want to follow me, just click the link that says, follow me on Twitter, in my sidebar. Or, find me as AlwaysCastingOn.

I was sick the last two weeks and my daughter has had some stomach discomfort (my, aren't I pleasant) this week, but I hope to get back on track blogging more regularly. This seems to be a trend with me, so no promises.

Have a good one and knit on!


Sarah said...

I hope you and your daughter get feeling well. It must be the changing of the seasons, because my niece and nephew are both sick, and I feel I might be getting something as well. :( Boo, I say! Boo!

The socks you knit area beautiful. I have never knitted a sock before. I'll have to try sometime.

Anyways, have a great Monday!