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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Once in a Great While

I do still knit. Quite frequently, as a matter of fact.

No, seriously. See...I knit this yarn;

Stacy Charles Cosmos in Golden Sunset

into this cardi.

It's a good thing that I'm pleased with the outcome of this cardigan because (and I don't mean to scare you off of knitting this because I do think it's worth it in the end) this was one hell of a B.O.R.I.N.G knit and alot of it! ARG!  Needless to say, it's all behind me now and I'm quite tickled with it.


Pattern: Kirra Knit from Berroco #294, Origami (Ravelry Link)

Yarn: Stacy Charles Cosmos in Golden Sunset (Ravelry Link)

Needles: 5.5mm

I also attended the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair last Saturday. I did more looking than buying this year. I gotta admit that my current list of WIP's are giving me a guilt trip and well, I'm gonna work hard on clearing them up to make me happy.  There was one kit that I bought that really took my fancy, though.

Meet Yvonne. (Ravelry Link)

She will be my next largish knitting project.  The yarn is cotton and is made up of 7 thin plies.  There was one on display at the fair at the Adirondack Yarns booth where I bought this one. It is sooo soft! They had so many colours to choose from and I was befuddled as to which one to go with, so I went with something fun and what my gut said.  I'm learning to like what my gut says, but we're still having trust issues.

I gotta say, now that I look at this colour in the pic, I love it! =))

Of course, I only reserve monogomy for human relationships. I also have a fun sock in the works for a friend that hates winter. These should brighten her days up quite a bit.

Slinky Socks

Have a good weekend.
Knit on...


beentsy said...

Holy smokes! Look at you.

That cardi is seriously lovely and looks terrific on you! I can see where it was a long slog though. That is a fair bit of stockinette happening there. ;)

Love the new project. Do you think it would be difficult to widen the back to make it less Y backed?

Michelle said...

Thanks very much, beentsy!

I don't see why it would be a problem to widen the back. It would take a bit of number crunching to make sure you still had wide enough armholes. Either that or just knit the back without any shaping would probably work. It's actually a very simple pattern.

Gloria Patre said...

Your slinky socks look good enough to eat - really! Yummy colors!
I am on my knees begging for you to tell me how you did your Ravelry & projects app on your sidebar. I've seen a few on other blogs and I'm exhausted from trying to find the app... PLEASE!

Kimberly said...

Very nice cardigan. I really like the ruffle at the botton.