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Saturday, February 12, 2011


This is a knitting blog. I started it several years ago to talk about my knitting and to get to know other knitters. I have and I have. :D The last 2 years (or maybe it's 3, now?) have been trying at the best of times and downright brutal at their worst. I should rename my blog to "I'm ready for the Plague" but really, all I'm ready for is a breather.

Since Christmas Day, we've all had the flu that knocked us out for two and a half weeks. Seriously. I was so lethargic and weak that I couldn't dress to go to the doctor. I went in my pajamas. My daughter faired better than I, but was also very ill. We were thankful when it was all behind us, until last week when my daughter became sick again with Strep throat. She's currently on a 10 day course of antibiotics, when wonder of wonders, she's breaking out in red itchy spots.

You got it. She has the chicken pox. I can't believe it. Actually, I was anticipating chicken pox last week when she got sick with Strep throat. 21 day incubation period is a bitch!

So, it's another week off school for my daughter, while she snuggles with her Quincy Quade Quentin Monster that I finished knitting for her last week...and another week of me tending to the sick. :P

Yarn: KnitPicks Chroma fingering in Lollipop

Needles: 2.25mm

I wish there was more to show. I'm trying to build momentum to finish knitting all my wip, so I don't feel guilty for wanting to knit this and this and this.

Someone give me a push...or a simple swift kick up the arse. ;)

Knit On...


Anonymous said...

Sock monster is so cute! How do you like the Chroma? I'm curious about it, even if I am on a yarn diet. LOL.

Knitting mojo is a bit thin on the ground of late. I'm going to cast on a sweater today, Idlewood, and hope that I can capture just a tiny bit of it.

Halliard is gorgeous and what a great thing to have in the wardrobe. Good for any occasion and most seasons.

Okay, let's do this together today. Let's start making something!!! ;)

Anne said...

You have my sympathy. We had chicken pox and stomach flu go through the house at the same time. Not a pretty sight!

At least her immunity will be better than getting the inoculation.