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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday Request

As per my daughter, whom is turning nine today! Happy Birthday, toots!

I even managed to squeeze in and knit part two of eight between all the baking and the dipping. :)

I know, still doesn't look like much, but it's a project concentrating on colour placement and I made 5 swatches until I settled on what I thought was complimentary. It's interesting to see how colours come together and compliment each other, even when you thought they wouldn't. :) This is a KnitPicks Palette stash buster. I have a lot of single colours and would like to knit them up for something useful.


Henya said...

Wow! Those cupcakes are amazing! Truly a labour of love!

Michelle said...

Thanks! Actually, I totally forgot to put it in my post, but they are called cake pops. It's a cake/icing mix formed into balls and stuck on lollipop sticks, then dipped in melted chocolate. Quite yummy and simple enough to make, but very time consuming. My daughter loved them though and that's what counts. :)

tammy said...

Cake pops!!!!! Squee! You're such a good mom. :)

Michelle said...

I try Tammy, I try...unfortunately, I have a large backside to prove it. Ahahahahahahahahahaha!