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Monday, July 26, 2004

The Rogue is Mine...

and I can't wait to start on it. I also purchased the Celtic Cap pattern to make my husband, so I'm going to swatch and make that first. It'll help me get the feel of the pattern and what I'm in for. [g]

The vest is coming along smoothly. I finished the arm decreases and working my way up to the shoulder and neckline. I hope to be able to start on the right front sometime later this week. I'm really enjoying the knitting of this vest, but I really want to start the Rogue.

I was relaxing on my deck yesterday afternoon and saw an unusual sight...we have a bird feeder and we usually only have sparrows. I have seen the odd Cardinal, but primarily sparrows. I caught a snapshot of a pretty red bird that looks like a sparrow, but has a red birds interbreed? I have never heard of them doing so. It is too small to be a female cardinal and too large to be a finch...okay, I did a quick search and found it may be a house finch. Tell me what you think.