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Friday, August 20, 2004

It's Done!

That's right, the vest is completed. I have two holes in my thumb [man, are they sore], but I got it done! [doing happy dance] Not only is it done, but it fits hubby perfectly. I'll have pics to post tomorrow, well, er, later today. I'm tending to my knitter's thumb,[I guess I took myself literally about knitting my fingers to the bone] but knitting will be slow or held off entirely until it's healed. Anyone else get this when they knit too much? I find it usually happens to my thumb or pointer finger of my left hand [I knit english, by the way].

In other news, I have cast on and started the hem of my rogue. Like I said, it's slow going, but I've been so anxious to start, thumb be damned!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for you! I can not WAIT to see the pics.


Anonymous said...

(attempting to start the nation a'chantin)
Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

I don't often get soreness from knitting, but I spin quickly enough that my lead index finger gets raw in one little stripe when the yarn goes through... I have to spin middle-fingered for a while (cuz it would make too much sense to just stop!)

J. W. Knott said...

I am a avid knitter of 6 years, though I don't knit English style and, sad to say, my left thumb joints are all swollen and painful. I have been diagnoised with arthritus of the thumb and am losing all grip, twist and strength functions. I either must give up kinitting or endure reconstruction surgery. And I only turned 40 a year ago! Sheesh.

kathy said...

I found you by googling "knitter's thumb". I actually went to see a neurologist (who is a friend) who did several quite uncomfortable tests to find out why my thumb was numb. Finally he diagnosed Knitter's thumb, and recommended a simple splint made from vet wrap (the nonsticky tape that sticks to itself). Wrapped around my thumb to keep it straight, but not tight enough to cut off the blood supply. We can both try it. Good luck. and -very nice vest! kathy