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Friday, October 08, 2004

It Got Me Thinking...

Yep, I do that once in a while...think. Sometimes I think too hard and I smell smoke (I ain't kidding, I'll forget I had a pot on the stove) [g] Anyway,Marlene started it with her comment about her Grandmother and Mother's knitting and where they would be if they had the opportunity, like us, to network with many other knitters. Which got me to think about where exactly we would be? I mean, we have knitting with one circular, two circulars, techniques coming out of our, well, I'll leave that up to your imagination. Imagine if the networking [such as we have now] had started with our grandmothers...where exactly do you think knitting would be now? I have been knitting a very long time. I have a twenty-two year old son, an 18-month old daughter and I knit alot of sweaters and such for them. I've made doll clothes, sweaters for my sister, etc...but, my knowledge in knitting didn't seem to grow by leaps and bounds until I got my computer and internet service. I wouldn't know that there were thousands of wonderful knitter's out there, just as obsessed about knitting as I am. I wouldn't know of, or even tried a new technique if I didn't have other knitter's around for their enthusiasm, knowledge and encouragment. We also musn't forget the amount of time and effort many knitter's put into charity work. I must say, we're a great bunch [except for the odd snobby shop owner] and I can't wait to see where it all will be in another twenty years.

All this leads into a thank you to Kristen for the URL to a very pretty scarf pattern using one skein of Koigu. I'll be needing this and it'll make great gifts.

I've also just finished knitting the rounds on my Field of Flowers shawl and will start the edging tomorrow. I can't wait to get this shawl off the needles so I can block it and finally see the outcome.

On to some pics...

Here is the Celtic Cap I just finished, using a picot edge.

I made these fingerless gloves last winter and just found them at the bottom of my knitting bag. I had forgotten all about them, so I took a pic. I used the formula that was in last winter's issue of IK using Confetti sock yarn. I like them and they'll come in handy when my hands are too cold to knit in the winter...should help remedy that.

I thought I'd throw in a couple more book recommendations. I love time travel, or I guess, paranormal themes in my stories. If you're looking for a great read, try

Doomsday Book by Connie Willis

Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine

Kingdom of Shadows by Barbara Erskine
Happy knitting and reading!


Maureen said...

You are so right...I have been knitting since I was 7 years old. That is 38 years (YIKES). My knitting and experimenting has grown by leaps and bounds since the internet. I have met the most wonderful people. Your Celtic cap is gorgeous. I love the shade of red. I will mail off some roving for you the first of the week. Have a great day!

Stitchy McYarnpants said...

I only started knitting recently, and I've found the internet to be a great resource. I don't think I'd have figured out all of the stuff I have this quickly without it. The enthusiasm is contageous. I guess it's like a cyber quilting bee. I think our grandmothers would have loved it! Women are so often harsh to each other, I think it's important that a supportie network exists where women encourage and inspire each other rather than judge and compete with them.

I love the hat and fingerless gloves. Now that the weather its turning, I'm scoping out some small projects for winter. These are going on the list!


Amie said...

I think I've asked you before (and you answered) but I forget = from where is the pattern for that Celtic Cap? I LOVE it!

KnitKat said...

Without the internet I dont think I would be knitting at all. I am still learning. I learn mostly from books but since finding knitting sites on the web I am learning more and more. So here is to the internet!!

by the way where could I find the pattern for that cabled hat? It looks great!!! well done

Jeorge / knitkat