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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Thank you, Maureen!

A big thank you to Maureen for sending me some of her wonderful roving. I received it yesterday and I can't wait to start my first pair of thrum mitts with it. Maureen warned me they are addicting, so I'm preparing myself for the possibility of becoming a thrum addict, but there are worse things in life.

Maureen also sent along this fantastic postcard with the Old Man of the Mountain on it.

What a magnificent sight! Unfortunately, he succumbed to erosion and fell off. Poor fella.

I still haven't had the heart to finish my Field of Flowers shawl. I tried to take a pic of the snag, but it's been so gloomy here that it's impossible...and I can't stick that in the scanner, unfortunately...yes, I tried. So, I will most likely finish off the edging and deal with the snag during blocking.

While I've been thinking about what I'm going to do with the shawl, I've started to work on these, my Camelot socks.

I'm really enjoying making these. There is nothing like a Lucy Neatby pattern to cheer a girl up. Yes, I'm a big Lucy Neatby fan.

I'm using Kroy sock yarn for these. That's what I spent some of my birthday money on at Romni...sock yarn! [snort] You'd think I'd buy some alpaca or something exotic...nope, I buy sock yarn, like I don't have enough of it, as it is. [insert eye-rolling here]

The recommended yarn is Koigu, but, I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to use Koigu for socks. It must feel heavenly on the feet, but, there isn't any nylon content in it for strength. If I made a pair, they would sit in my drawer because I wouldn't want to wear them out. But, I'm happy with the Kroy...I do think I would pick a slightly lighter green, but this was my only choice at the time.

Also, to answer the question as to how I post multiple pics in one post...well, I just send all the pics through Hello. So if I have 3 pics, I'll end up with 3 posts. Then, I'll copy and paste two of the pics into one post through Blogger and delete the posts and work from just one post. Yuck, what a horrible explanation, but I hope you get the jist of it.


Curlie Girl said...

Ohhhhh...LOVIN' that sock! Who loves the sock!

Risë said...

I also love the sock. And that huge stash of sock yarn. Wow!


Stitchy McYarnpants said...

The Camelot socks are gorgeous! I haven't tried socks yet, partly because I'm afraid to wear them out. Some day . . . I also wanted to let you know there's a way to post a bunch of pictures at once so you only end up with a single post (still a pain, but slightly less so). I posted about it on the Knitters Review forum. Here's the link:

Maureen said...

Love those socks!! I have never tried a Lucy Neatby pattern. I will put her on my list. :)

knittygirl said...

I LOVE your sock, and I am absolutely drooling over your stash of sock yarn!

Anonymous said...

That Lucy knows her way around a sock. Those are beautiful. For the record? I don't think you have *enough* socks yarn. :)

(yarn Harlot)

Mona strickt said...

Hi Michelle,
I am so with you when it comes to nylon in sock yarn! Can't bring myself to use Koigu either. Your Camelot socks look great - so does your stash. Welcome to the sock yarn addicts! (I rarely can resist buying and have enough for at least 20 pairs...)