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Friday, November 19, 2004

More Opinions Please...

Thanks so much to those of you that left a vote. I really appreciate your imput. It looks as though the Eggplant/Lotus Blossom is in the lead...but, and there is always a but, isn't there? I love the Eggplant but I'm thinking the Lotus Blossom may be too pink for my liking. It's my perogative as a woman to change my mind, so hence it be. These colours are deeper which suit me better. So, I'm again asking for your opinion on the following choices. Thanks again.




Which Colour Pair Do You Prefer for Ribby Cardi...
None of the above


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Bean said...

how about Boysenberry/wisteria for a more subtle contrast? I voted none of the above, btw. I'm just weird with colors.. If I absolutely had to choose from pre-set color scheme choices though, it would be the Eggplant/Boysenberry combo.

Anonymous said...

I think all the colour combinations are lovely -- but, though I hesitate to bring it up, you haven't bought the eggplant already, have you? Because there seem to be only 5 balls of it left at Elann...


Marlene said...

I see that at the moment the Eggplant/Wisteria is in the lead. It is lovely, as they all are. I prefer the Eggplant/Boysenberry though. It has more "punch". Perhaps punch is not what you are after though? Maybe I have been knitting with GREY too much lately?