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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Thanks Everyone...

for taking the poll and leaving suggestions. I really do appreciate it.

We traveled up north for the weekend to celebrate my mother/father in-laws 60th wedding anniversary. Yep, 60 years! Isn't that wonderful. They still look fantastic.

Before we left early Saturday morning I placed my Elann order for the Eggplant and Wisteria colours. I'm glad I did, or else there wouldn't be much else for me to choose from. [g]

Bean's suggestion of Boysenberry/Wisteria was a good one...though, I had already put in my order by the time I saw her comment. Maybe next time. [g]

Marlene liked my original choice and the one I was really debating with myself about. The Eggplant/Boysenberry combo. I like the punch these two colours give each other, also...hmmm, no, I cannot change my mind!

I didn't get much knitting done on the fact, I didn't bring my knitting at all. My dog claimed my lap once again for the three hour drive and was happy. I have just started section 4 of my Clapotis, so the finish is close.

Happy Knitting!


Curlie Girl said...

Section 4! Already! You're kicking butt!