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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

What Can I Say?

I finished the poncho pullover and I hate it! [g] It makes me look like a pygmy hippo. Mind, I still haven't lost the [mumble] pounds from my pregnancy, so I may be deluding myself that I actually am not as fat as I actually am. [sigh] I thought I was thinner cause the jeans I bought last weekend were a size smaller. Looks like I have to work a little harder. It'll be nice to wear around the house on those really cold winter days, though. Not a total loss.

I have started on the Clapotis and I'm really excited about intentionally dropping stitches. This is a knitter's dream...or, at least it's mine. I'm quite enjoying this project because of this anticipation and because I'm using the Highland Wool I received yesterday. I've just about completed the second section and then I'll be dropping stitches. Pics tomorrow.

Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

i think it looks wonderful on you ;0)

Maureen said...

Michelle...Don't be so hard on yourself.I think you did a fine job on the pullover. It looks nice on you. That "Clapotis" is interesting, huh? Look forward to seeing that finished.