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Monday, November 15, 2004

Someone's Knocking At My Door...

Did I care that it was still so early in the morning that my hair would give Medusa’s snarling locks a run for the money, and I was still in my pajamas when the doorbell rang? Did it matter that I sloshed my first cup of coffee down the front of my pajamas just as I was about to take my first sip because my dog startled me so much when she started barking at the door before the doorbell even rang? Would you have cared if you were me this morning and you got this handed to you through the crack in the door?

That's right. I received my Elann order first thing this morning. What a way to start the week...what a euphoric feeling. The other great thing is that both my order's came today. I placed the second order the day after the first, so I'm pleasantly surprised that they arrived together.

I'm really pleased with the colours. The spiced wine was slightly different than what I saw on my monitor, but not so much so that I'm disappointed. I'm going to order some more to make hubby a sweater. He has chosen his colour and just wants a simple pullover. Works for me.

In other knitting news, I'm am very happy to announce that I finished one of my Camelot socks. [insert applause here]

What is even better is that they fit absolutely perfectly. I love you Lucy Neatby, for your great patterns and making things fit just right.

A little sleep goes a long way when you need to jumpstart your brain.

I'm also just about finished knitting my Poncho Pullover. It will definately be completed tonight and I should have a pic of that tomorrow. Then, it's on to starting the Clapotis. I can't wait.

Happy knitting!


stitchingirl said...

Your sock is beautiful!


Kimberly said...

That is one great sock! I love it!

I'm so jealous of your Elann order.

Since I've been working part-time instead of full-time, I'm too cheap to pay shipping on anything, so I won't let myself even look at Elann.

knittygirl said...

That sock is gorgeous!! And mail order yarn...I'm so jealous!

Curlie Girl said...

1. LOL...I can relate to the slopping coffee bit!
2. your colour choices. What's better than purpley-red yarn!
3. Applause and cheering for lovely sock.
4. warning...clapotis is addictive, and it takes away the gasp reponse when you discover a dropped stitch on another piece of work. The only thing is you have to REMEMBER to pick it up. oops.

xmasberry said...

wow! that sock is gorgeous! what a beautiful job you have done!

Marlene said...

Those are the nicest socks I have ever seen! What an awesome heel. The allover pattern looks great too. Never mind the get a standing ovation! Bravo.