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Monday, November 08, 2004

What a Week...

My husband has been keeping awful hours at work, poor guy, for the last couple of weeks and it has made for an exhausted mommy [me] and daddy. My daughter has been in a "mood" so has made life somewhat exciting the last few days. [sigh] I'm ready for some "boring" time.

Thank you to all who complimented "Ainsley Bear." I've got a couple of good places to find supplies from Curly Girl. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, Kim. I'll send you an email shortly...promise. [wink]

My knitting has been sporadic, at best. My Camelot sock is still at the toe stage. Each time I pick it up to start decreasing for the toe, I make a mistake and I have to tink back. It's a lack of concentration on my part, so, as much as I hate not completing a project, I'm setting it aside for a week or so and starting another, more mindless, knitting project. I picked up some Paton's Shetland Chunky and I'll be starting a Cabin Fever pattern called the Poncho pullover. It's an easy, bulky knit, so it should just take me the week to make...if I don't goof that up too, that is. [grin]

Now, I'm off to catch up on some blog reading and emails. Happy knitting.


Curlie Girl said...

No problem, my dear...and e-mail whenever. No rush. I'm always behind on e-mails! Have fun with your new projects!

knittygirl said...

That poncho pullover looks like a really cute pattern! Can't wait to see pictures. By the way, my daughter has been in a "mood" for the past couple of days, too. Maybe there's something in the air?