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Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Big "O"

It all happens in one spontaneous moment. You feel overcome with delirious desire. Your eyes sheen over with need, your knees weak with wanting. Your breathing quickens into short, quick gasps as your heart beats a cadence in your chest. Your blood is pulsating through your veins as all of your senses are enhanced, anticipating the ever increasing tempo to explode into mind altering pleasure, contentment and gratification. Your skin tingles with release and the light glisten of moisture that has accumulated during the arduous deed. If you can sustain the fevered pitch, then you may experience the multiple "O." Ahh yes, there is nothing like...

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Well, what the hell did you think I was writing about?

Uh huh...a likely story. Can I have some decorum here, please?

I went ahead and splurged on some Highland Wool in Violet Heather and Spiced Wine. I can't wait to see the spiced wine in person. I immediately fell in love with this colour and I hope I won't be disappointed. My plan is to make Clapotis, Shedir and if I have enough, a pair of wrist warmers with this colour. The violet heather will be used to make another Rogue and Coronet. I'm still debating on whether to make this second Rogue a cardigan or not. I am really enjoying my first Rogue as a pullover.

I ordered twice, going back the second time for the violet heather, I was able to experience a multiple "O." Yes, it was just as good the second time around. Now I'm waiting to enjoy the pleasure of receiving my package, hopefully sometime next week...ahhh, yet another big "O" to look forward to.

Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

"O" yes, it's a wonderful feeling. I'm currently expecting *2.5 kg* of Highland Wool from Elann... I'm feeling giddy just thinking about it! I'm interested in that Spiced Wine too, I was very tempted by it...


Maureen said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh are too funny. Loved your post. I just bought yarn today for a Coronet too. I love that pattern.

Curlie Girl said...

I was eyeing the Spiced Wine too. Beautiful colour choices you lucky devil!

M. A. A. said...

I didn't know how else to contact you... I was wondering how you got all those great things on your sidebar. Please email me ( if you have the time. Thank you!