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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Can You Guess...

Here is my newest project on the needles. Anyone think they know what pattern it is?

Actually, I've had to frog back. What you see is 10 inches of knitting and I had to take it back to 6 inches because, well, wonder of wonders, I forgot to start my increases. [slapping self in forehead] It could be worse.

Now I'm off to do some cleaning and cooking in preparation for our company tomorrow. I will definitely [funny, I almost spelled that defiantly] squeeze in some knitting in the midst of it all.

Happy Knitting...


jodi said...

Awww. . .last night I was going to comment on yesterday's post and guess that the pic you sent me was of the same wool you just bought. But I had to get a dumbass blogger account first, and it was late, blah blah, so I went to bed without posting.

Anyway, looking good! You're quick, eh.

Anonymous said...

Can't figure out what the project is, but it looks gorgeous!


Mona strickt said...

But of course I know what your new project is: MARIAH from the winter knitty!!! You picked a great colour, too!

Mona strickt said...


Happy New Year and the best wishes, Michelle!!

Marlene said...

Happy New Year!

Wow, you really make quick progress on your projects. I'm impressed......with your speed AND with the beauty of that pattern.

Maureen said... that a Rogue cardigan? I just got back from being away for the holidays. I had the most wonderful package waiting for me. I love the bracelet and stitch markers. I just have plain stitch markers, so these are really special. I can wait to try the markers and the bracelet. You are one talented lady!!!! Hope you had wonderful holidays.

Anonymous said...

i want to see more! it's been 6 days, i'm sure you've made SOME progress! (sorry, i'm in a demanding mood, i've been tangling with idiot drivers who've forgotten how to drive in a snow storm(we're getting 12-15 inches here in omaha)
Minnie aka Dragonmom from KR