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Monday, May 30, 2005

I'm Back...

Minus one molar.

I'm not impressed.

I was also told that I have about 20% bone loss in my teeth.

I'm really not impressed.

I will be going through four months of treatment, including one where I use a rinse that may turn my teeth brown to preserve my teeth for approximately another 20 years.

I will say it again, I'm not impressed.

All this is probably caused by my last pregnancy two years ago.

Was there anything good at all about my dentist visit?

No cavaties. No gum disease.

Enough about me. Here is some knitting news.

After a good cry about the above news, I was cheered up by my husband checking the mailbox and presenting me with the patterns I ordered from the Knittingzone, and Ram Wools that I talked about in my previous post.

The Dipsy-Doodle U-Turn Scarf really caught my knitting attention and I had to start on this immediately. I didn't have any hand-painted yarn, so I grabbed the next best thing that I have plenty of...sock yarn. So, armed with Paton's Kroy in Winter Eclipse and Muslin, I proceeded to cast on 300+ stitches.

Here is the progress I've made so far.

Now, I haven't forgotten about the Yo-Yo pullover, but I'll admit to being somewhat bored with it. Okay, I'm totally bored with it. I did finish the front and have almost finished the increases for the first sleeve. I've not been a total slacker with it. Here is some proof...

But, I've had to ward off the boredom somehow and knitter's are notorious for having many projects on the go because of this little obstacle. So, I also made one of these, a book sweater, last week.

Yes, I've read A Shop on Blossom Street and I will say that I was pleasantly pleased with the story, which surprised me. I'm actually looking forward to A Good Yarn. Another book I'll be keeping my eye open for is a new mystery Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton. I love mysteries, but have only devoted my reading time to Dorothy Cannell, lately [I'm a terrible reader as I read before bed and we all know what happens paragraph and the eyes slam shut], so it'll be interesting if this will be a worthwhile read.

And I also started another pair of socks...


And how was your week?

Keep On Knitting...


dragon knitter said...

sorry to hear about your dental woes. i do understand, my mother is going through a lot of dental work, and since i'm her ride and translator, i get to hear it all. on top of that, i'm also trying to fit in physicals, and dental appointments for me and my youngest (my older boy is done, thank goodness). on the other hand, the u-turn scarf looks like fun. keep going on the yoyo, it's worth it. you should check out . he made a shawl out of similar yarn to the yoyo (some joann product, i think rainbow boucle) and it's gorgeous. i may make that up for a few christmas pressies. and socks are always good

Samantha said...

Ouch. Sorry about your teeth ... Hopefully the treatment works and they'll be fine ... and white.

I love the U-turn scarf, so far. It looks good. The sock yarn is going well for it. :)

AND, OMG, I love the book sweater! I'm planning on making myself a couple of those! Its nice to see how yours turned out! I think I'll make my Mom one too ... to go with her winecozy I made her for her birthday (today!!).

BTW, I love the new colours on your blog! They look snazzy!! I've been thinking about changing my blog, but it's a lot of work ... We'll see. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel for you on the teeth. I just had my back 2 upper molars removed a week & a half ago because of bone loss (removing the back 2 that were mostly filling anyway to prevent further damage to the other molars). I can eat normally now, but I keep getting stuff stuck in the holes that I can't get out! If it's not one thing it's another!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful book sweater. Nice blog too.