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Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm Still Alive...

and kicking.

The scoop? My tooth pain suddenly went away last Saturday afternoon [which is a good thing because the earliest I'm able to see the dentist is May 26th] but, wonder of wonders, I've developed pink eye. [lmao] I reckon this is because of my allergies and swiping my eyes without a tissue. Can we say it all together now, ewwww, gross. To those inquiring about my health, many thanks! It helps keep the aggravation of all this at bay.

My MIL's eightieth birthday was wonderful and the cake was a success. Yes Curlie Girl I still went ahead a baked it myself. My MIL doesn't like chocolate cake, so I made this butter pecan, which is my favorite and is now a favorite to several other people. Unfortunately, it became a little smooshed from the three-hour car ride up.

Now, on to knitting, which hasn't been very productive because putting drops in my eyes and slathering cream on my hands and popping pills has become my hobby of choice, but I have started the front of my Sirdar Yo-Yo pullover. Now, one good thing that has occurred is with working from a 400g ball of yarn from the outside isn't as horrendous as I thought it would be. As long as said ball is positioned in just the right way, unwinding from the outside isn't a problem at all. You may be wondering why I don't just work from the inside. Well, as per instructions, the back is worked using the yarn from the inside and the front from the outside; the same goes for the sleeves. This is Sirdar's solution to keeping the colours coordinated.

Here is the progress to date.

I don't want to speak to soon and jinx it as I still have the sleeves to go, but I'm pleased with how the colours are matching up.

I've updated the progress bars in my sidebar. I'm hoping to stay on track with the projects I've chosen because:

a) I have the yarn in my stash for these projects and

b) I really want to add a few books to my knitting library, namely the Barbara Walker Treasuries and a few others.

My knitting budget is my dictator though and I can either only buy yarn or only buy books. So, for the next few months I've decided to buy the books...before they go out of print and I'm kicking myself. There were also several patterns I took a fancy to from the KnittingZone, namely the Dipsy-Doodle U-Turn Scarf, the Multi-Angle Modular Scarf, the Diamond Modular Scarf and the Butterfly Shawl, so I decided to go ahead and order them now before our dollar decides to dip even more. I also ordered the Garnstudio Drops 86 booklet from Ram Wools. There are some really lovely patterns in this booklet.

Well I'm off to put more drops in my eyes, knock back some antihistamines and take advantage of laying down while my daughter is napping.

Keep On Knitting...


Samantha said...

The yoyo pullover is looking great! I wondered how they figured it out so that the pattern matches up! Good to know! :)

I just added a book to my knitting library, but I have about 10 more on my list. I love knitting books. I could read them for HOURS! :)

Happy knitting!

Curlie Girl said...

You are too good girlfriend...the cake looks yummy!

Hope you feel better soon...have a great long week-end!

dragon knitter said...

well, then, kick a little louder, i can't hear you! (lol). your yoyo stuff is gorgeous, but i thought you might be interested in a yoyo knock off, so to speak. check out . it's a cool shawl, and when i asked if yoyo could be used as a sub, he said he'd originally considered yoyo first, but decided to go with the other. it's a cool shawl, if you crochet. i'm thinking about making it for a few people.