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Saturday, June 25, 2005

"Think Think Think...

Oh bother." As said by Winnie the Pooh, and me too.

That's how the decision-making is on trying to choose a colour for the Lotus Blossom shawl. Thanks to all that voted. You did help. Honest. It's just that I'm leaning more heavily towards the autumn colour, though a good point was made by Minnie that the wine colour would probably be the best choice because the "colours are more like each other." But, I like to live on the edge and I think this shawl is saying,

"I want to be all about colour. You can make me again in another colour, later."

Don't you just love it when a project speaks to you...and confuses you further?

As for my current project, the Seascape shawl, it's coming along. I don't have a pic, though. I'll take one tomorrow.

I've started on the sixth repeat on the Old Shale Waves, which is a major accomplishment considering I'm knitting 485 stitches per row x4 rows per repeat which is 1,940 stitches x11 repeats which is 21,340 stitches knitted just for the old shale waves pattern alone. Then there is just the seaform picot edging and the top i-cord edging to complete before I can block it. Yes, that was sarcasm. At this point, it feels like I'll never finish. I just want it off the needles and on my blocking board, looking pretty and not all shriveled up on my needles. Oh bother.

Oh, and I just received my copy of A Gathering of Lace. What a beautiful book. If you love lace knitting, I highly recommend you buy this for your library, especially now that it has been released in the more afforable paperback edition. I've also joined the Gathering of Lace Along and the Summer of Lace Yahoo group. This seems to be the year of lace for me.

Keep Cool and
Keep On Knitting...


Eilene said...

I just bought The Gathering of Lace. I love all the patterns in that book. Gorgeous! I"m glad you decided on a color for the Lotus Blossom.

Samantha said...

Hi Michelle,

After I voted for the Wine colour I wanted to change my vote ... I think the shawl will look really nice (and interesting) in the Autumn colour. No matter what you choose I'm sure it'll look gorgeous!

Can't wait to see your Seascape progress. :)

Curlie Girl said...

You lost me at 21, 340! Mindbender extraordinaire!

Melissa said...

I made the Seascape shawl a few months ago, and the edging goes faster than you might think. Can't wait to see pictures. Good luck.