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Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm a Flake

The Waterloo Knitter's fair was fun. I had the pleasure of meeting Kim, a.k.a. Curlie Girl and her mom, who are both very sweet, charming women. I talked their poors ears off, I was so excited and hyper, [I guess this explains where my daughter gets it from] to meet Kim. Kim bought some really nice yarn and she'll finally be making the project she has been pining after for some time.

I also caught a glimpse of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a.k.a. Yarn Harlot and totally choked about approaching her. I'm such an "arse." I'm sure I'll have another opportunity at another time.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Carol, whom is a regular at a bulletin message board I assist and also a blogger. I was stunned she was able to find me, though very glad she did. It's always nice to put the person to the words that are written.

Now, when I say I'm a flake, I am being serious. I had my camera with me. I'm chatting away, with my camera on my shoulder and didn't think about it once. So, no pics of the fair. [insert mega eye-rolling here]

As you may have already gathered, I get confused and can't make up my mind. Being at the fair is an overload to my poor dysfunctional brain, but I did get one thing on my list and that was the Brigg's & Little Heritage in Blue Heather and Sheep's Grey. Ten hanks of each colour. You can't beat the price of $2.99 a hank. The blue will be used to make my husbands Inishmore.

I also bought a couple of shadow knitting patterns. One is the Shy Sheep vest and the other is the Phantom Fish Cardigan by designer Mabel Corlett. These should make interesting future projects.

I didn't buy anything else, other than a bottle of Eucalan. I really wanted to leave with a skein of Country Silk to make the Lotus Blossom shawl, but I just couldn't decide on a colour. I also wanted to see if I could find some Bamboo yarn to make the Silk Corset, but didn't find the brand I wanted. All in all, I had wonderful fun and that's what counts.

Now I'm off to actually knit. Wee one is going for a nap!

Keep On Knitting...


Anonymous said...

yarn harlot is very sweet to talk to.i think all of us bloggers should have a tshirt that says they are a blogger,then i would have seen you and said hi myself!
earth mother

Anonymous said...

Aw, you should have said hi! I don't bite. (Mostly. Just don't get between me and the Fleece Artist.)

(Yarn Harlot)

dragon knitter said...

i hear stephanie was having a bit of a shampoo problem that time, as well, lol. sounds like you had a ball, wish i could have gone.

Samantha said...

It sounds like the fair was a lot of fun! I can't wait to see your yarn and projects. :)

Curlie Girl said...

Oh you silly, silly woman...I'm the one who felt like I talked your ear! It was so fabulous to meet were better than any yarn I molested/fondled/got to go home with, Michelle, and that's the highest of high compliments! You be better than yarn sweetie! I really hope we can find the time to get together (away from delicious yarn to avoid distractions) to actually get to talk to each other! I wish you had told me about approaching Stephanie, I would have gladly tackled her from Fleece Artist for you...hehe! You are NOT a fake, but one of the most genuine people I have meet, and can't wait to see you again! Hugs and kisses my dear friend!