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Friday, November 18, 2005

The Joy of Knitting...

can also be known as, poke my eyes out with needles and strangle myself with yarn. Knitting is supposed to be the new "Yoga," but if your gauge is off, all hell has broken lose and knitting can be a pain in the stitches.

So, what does knitting mean to me or you and why do we persist in a hobby that can bring us as much grief as joy?

You're probably thinking, "why read so much into it?"

Well, to see what keeps this hobby alive and well and because I'm entering a contest Wannietta is holding. I'm not that deep, but I have often wondered why I look to knitting as a way of keeping my sanity and why it has been with me almost daily since being taught by my aunt more than thirty years ago.

You see, I am a process knitter. I won't hesitate to frog a completed project and reknit the same project within the blink of an eye. An example of this is Mariah and I will do this soon with my disastrous Yo-Yo pullover [though I'll be using a different pattern]. I've often said that it isn't what I knit with, so long as I'm knitting. I don't care if it's high end yarn or a matter of fact, I will knit with acrylic. I will knit with freaking vines if that was all I had. I don't need high end needles. The cheapest brand work just as well for me.

Which made me wonder a little more. What is it precisely about knitting that keeps me going back if not for the pretty soft yarn and needles that can make stitches slide like a hot knife through butter.

My only answer is the methodical clicking of needles, the forming of stitches and of yarn trailing through my fingers is soothing and calming. It is my chamomile tea at the end of a busy day. It is cathartic. My stress levels lower once I pick up my knitting. I am able to think things through. It is an extention of myself which is why I only knit for a select few. It is personal and yet inviting.

Amazing how two sticks and some string can be so complex. It is, of course, what each of us thinks knitting is to them...and we can only be glad of it.

Knitting Bulletin...

The back of Inishmore is complete.

I repeat.

The back of Inishmore is complete.

I have also started and almost completed the hem for the front. If I'm to keep on track and get this knit for Christmas, I'm going to have to stick with my goal of 18 rows per day. This means I can have the front completed and the sleeves cast on by November 31st. Wishful thinking? Let's hope not! I'm ready for some mindless knitting at this point.

Like socks made from my new ball of Trekking XXL 100. Sniffle.

Keep On Knitting...


Dianna said...

Having the front finished by Nov. 31 gives you quite a bit of leeway, doesn't it? That was a knitting version of a Freudian slip if I've ever read one! I rather like that deadline goal myself....

Samantha said...

Great answer to Wannietta's question! I think you definitely deserve to win. :)

Ishmore is looking great. I think you'll have it done because when you put your mind to something you get things done!! :)

dragon knitter said...

nov 31? ROFLMAO! thanks, i needed a laugh this morning. inishmore is looking fantasmagorical (i'm a writer, i'm allowed to make words up!).

and i just finished Breath. it will blow your mind. a lot of shocks. want any hints, or should i just shut my mouth?

Curlie Girl said...

You and T are a lot alike when it comes to our view of's calming and soothing for me too. Especially at the end of the day, when I start clicking away, things just seem to come into focus, and calm down (except when your gauge is off, but even then I'd rather be knitting than doing most other things). I also love the feeling of being able to wear a beautiful sweater that I created with nothing but yarn and two needles.

Inishmore looks stunning...keep up the awesome work, and staying on deadline (how impressed am I!).

Carol said...

OK. What world do you live in where you get an extra day in November? I want one too! And I'm next in line at the library for the new Diana Gabaldon. Can't wait! Are you ever gonna finish The Fiery Cross?