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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Me Too Please

I'm really enjoying these Frappr! maps that have been circulating the blog world, so I decided to add my own. Feel free to pin my map and leave your URL so I can visit you. I'm looking forward to cruising the world in the comfort of my own home.

Check out our Frappr!

Now, I really must knit and I have an essay to write for a contest over at Wannietta's. Check it out.


Samantha said...

I pinned your map. :)

Curlie Girl said...


Consider that my reaction to your last post and the delicious book you ordered!

How excited am I!!!

erika said...

Wow ... a knitting mom of a toddler in Hamilton?

That describes me to a T!! I'm excited to meet another! I'll have to set up one of these frappr maps too.

There's yet another of us at (she actually lives on the same street as I do!)

Come see my blog. I'm making Jenna Wilson's Celtic Cap right now and I'll have a pic up soon ...