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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas = Hectic!

But, we made it through another year! Now, it's just New Year's Eve celebrations where I DON'T cook, but kick back and drink wine and eat...then have some more wine.

Here are some events that took place the last few days.

Say hello to our new member of the family, Ramsay!

Here is what my Jack Russell thinks of him.

I thought that I would have to deal with blood and fur, but so far we have more curiousity of each other more than anything...that and the dog likes the cats food and the cat likes the dogs food. Go figure.

Christmas was wonderful and busy! My husband made my gift this year and I'm so in love with it.

He made me sheep! The heads are attached by magnets, so all the heads and bodies are interchangable.

This is the storage box he made for them. He put magnets in the box to hold the heads and bodies in place. Teehee! I love them so much!

Tuesday we headed to Romni Wools for their boxing day sale. You can't go wrong with 25% off everything in the store...except when they didn't have precisely what you were looking for. Sigh. It wasn't a total bust...I did come home with some sock yarn, of course.

From the top left: The new Sockina Colori in color #28 and #26.
Bottom: DGB Confetti #03.006

I also bought a couple of newer Clover products. The mini row counter, which I like because this one has a lock on it. The Chibi needles are the smaller cousins of the bent tip larger ones.

Here's the size difference.

I'm thinking these will be great for grafting sock toes.

Since Romni didn't have what I wanted, I decided to order online. So, some Country Silk for the Lotus Blossom Shawl [can you believe it, Kim? I finally made up my mind!] and some sport weight sock yarn for the Over the Knee socks are coming my way!

While I'm waiting for my order, I decided to start on this...

What the heck is that, you ask?

Why it's my shy sheep vest, of course.

How cool is that!

I'm using my good ole standby worsted, Peruvian Highland wool in Tuscany green and natural.

When I lay it on the table, my husband circles an eagle. Then he says to me, "how the hell did someone figure that out?" *LMAO*

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful ringing in of the New Year!

Keep On Knitting...


Samantha said...

Your kitty is freakin' adorable!! Just keep in mind that cat food isn't all that healthy for dogs and vice versa ... a little won't hurt, but they need their own (I'm sure you know all this already, so just ignore the babbling). I love the sheep magnets. So.cute. Your hubby is sweet. And WOW, the vest is really cool. I can't wait to see how it turns out. :)

Rebekah said...

What a wonderful addition to any family!

I love all the sheepy stuff, and what a thoughtful gift from your husband.

Wannietta said...

What would I have to do to make your husband love me enough to make me sheepies? Kerwyn isn't jealous of me knitting for other men ...

Teyani said...

great new kitty ! Welcome to your household!! Hope they are adjusting well.
Your sheep vest is fabulous!

dragon knitter said...

the sheep are great, the vest is great, but wehre is the pic of hubbie in his inishmore? i'm just sayin'

lomester said...

the sheep are the cutest... i want some!

Mary deB said...

That vest is marvellous! Are you using a pattern, or did *you* figure it out?

Marlene said...

Your Shy Sheep Vest is great! I'll be making one in the Spring. I can't wait!