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Friday, December 23, 2005

Ready Or Not...

Christmas Day will be here the day after tomorrow!

I'm not ready, are you?

I only need to pick up a few more things from the grocer. Not horrible. I will be cooking for what seems like forever, though. Several dinners and one more batch of cookies. The cleaning is done and that's a huge chore out of the way. My son will be spending the next few days with us and some friends will be visiting.

We've already visited my in-laws, but I don't know if I'll get the chance to visit with my mom...again. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day to make everyone happy.

Here are a couple of pics I took when we were in the Muskoka's last weekend.

It was a winter wonderland! Beautiful.

Now back home, we have slush and rain. YUCK! Is there any hope of having a nice light snowfall for a white Christmas?

In any case, here's wishing everyone a most spectacular holiday and New Year!

In knitting news...

I ordered some of the Rowanspun from elann a couple of weeks ago. I was very anxious to receive it and haunted my front door, waiting for the post...and I waited, and waited.


So, I had to take matters into my own hands and see what was going on. Seems like the post office thought I didn't exist and returned my package to elann. Bummer. This was two days ago. I wouldn't have my Rowanspun until after the new year...or so I thought when I heard a knock at the door this afternoon.

It was my Rowanspun in Turkish and Temptation!

I'll be making my daughter a pair of mitts with the Temptation and I think I'll be making myself some wristwarmers with the Turkish.

I wish I had gotten more and I would have if I was faster at the checkout.

I've been doing some knitting, sticking to smaller projects for the time being.

I couldn't resist starting a pair of socks with my Trekking XXL 100.

Even though I promised a pair of socks for my son for Christmas.

Ah well. At least I'll have these done for him. It's the pattern Cigar from Knitty. He thinks they're chronic...I think I'm totally not cool anymore.

Thanks so much to everyone for the compliments on Inishmore! My husband absolutely adores his new pullover and the best part is that it fits wonderfully! This is always my biggest fear in knitting. I'm getting better though. I'll get a pic of him wearing it soon.

Have a safe and joyous Holiday Season!
See you in the New Year and remember,
Keep On Knitting...


Anonymous said...

After the holidays, I think I'm going to stock up on some Trekking sock yarn. I've been wanting some for a long time! Not that I have any time to knit it up, but I figure with my luck, if I don't buy it soon, they'll discontinue it like has happened with a bunch of other yarns!

Curlie Girl said...

Look at those socks, darling! Glad to see your back to your beautiful socks..hehe! Love the Muskoka pics...we've had nothing but snow, so send some of that rain my way so it will melt away some of the white stuff!

Have a very Merry Christmas...I'll be thinking of you!

Got to love that Rowanspun!

dragon knitter said...

think you can send a 1/2 inch this way just for tonight? no snow here, it's been too warm (yeah, i know, nebraska, and no snow). i think i'm gonna have to break down and find me some trekking xxl.

Merry Christmas!

Marlene said...

That Trekking XXL is gorgeous. How was your Christmas? Have you recovered yet? I'm glad all the rush, rush, rush is over for another year.