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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oops, I Did It Again...

I cast on for yet another project.

Obviously, I have issues.

I couldn't help it, honestly. I really took a fancy to this Top Down Raglan Shrug, a free pattern from the elann site.

Thinking it had good possibilites of being made by moi and also thinking of the practical side of owning such a garment for the spring/summer months ahead, [uh huh, always the practical one] I decided to take a look at what colours the Endless Summer Collection Connemara had to offer and fell in love with the Cabernet, which has since "sold out".

Now, when I bought the yarn for this specific pattern, I did as I always do and bought one extra ball. You know, "just in case." I'm such a good little knitter. So, when I, ahem, glanced through the pattern to find yarn amounts, the maximum requirement was 6, so I bought 7.

Easy Peasy.

I received my yarn last Thursday and being the compulsive person I am, I sat down that night and proceeded to actually read through the pattern, all ready to start this interesting design.


The designer doesn't give sizes except for S, M, L. This does not help me. From my experience a large size can mean a 32" chest fer cryin' out loud. She does however give you details on how to do the "math" [shudder] to create a size just for you.

Good grief.

So, off I went to prepare a pot of coffee, while fighting down the nausea and dry mouth that the thought of doing "math" brings and sat my hiney down to look like Einstein.

It was a poor imitation.

I did however, manage to come up with a number to cast on.

I do not remember how, when or why I came up with this number and nor do I care because it's working and if something's not broke, why fix it?

The only thing that did concern me was, did I have enough yarn? I was indeed making it larger than her large, yet smaller than her recommended number of stitches to cast on for an extra large.

Only time would tell.

Here is the little scamp shrug.

I went ahead and did the fringe and edging, etc...before starting the sleeves. The reason behind making it in this manner was that I didn't mind if the sleeves were on the short side if I did run out of yarn.

Now I'm playing sleeve hopscotch, knitting a repeat on one sleeve, then the other, so I will make them even before running out of yarn. I think I'll be fine and have 3/4" sleeves.

In other knitting horrors...

I had to rip back my Over the Knee sock. My row gauge was off by one stitch. I was getting 9 stitches to the inch and I needed 8. Normally, row gauge doesn't concern me and it really didn't this time either because I'm a short-ass and I thought that the sock would still be long enough.


Now, you know me and math. I wasn't in any mood to figure this out mathematically speaking, so I ripped back to the beginning and stuck in an extra lace motif.

Easy Peasy.

It fits lengthwise now and all other ways too and that's what matters.

I also have a serious crush. I mean, I'm head over heels in love.

With this.

Jordana Paige Knitter's Satchel

Yup, loving the grape colour. Must. Be. In. Grape. Colour.

I think this bag just may get some of those lingering UFO's completed. Don't ask me how I think this is the case, just humour me, okay?

Thanks for all the well wishes on our furnace. It was only the pilot light that was out, thank goodness. We have insurance on this sucker, so it didn't cost us anything to relight and the company we deal with really is fantastic about getting here quickly.

Haven't I been the chatterbox today?

Keep On Knitting...


Wannietta said...

That shrug is wonderful - the colour is gorgeous!
And that over-the-knee sock ... well you're way more knitter than me for even attempting it, let alone being almost done one!!

Curlie Girl said...

Oh, the horrors of math...don't you just want to shoot the designer! And good grief lady, all it takes is a pot of coffee to become Einstein! I wish my coffee had such transformative! Your knitting looks so amazing, and that shrug is such a beautiful colour, and those stocking...must go knit now (while avoiding all math at any cost)!

Julie said...

The shrug looks great. I am not a shrug person but this could get me to knit one. I had a crush on the purple bag too so now I have one. It is great-I carry it around as a purse.

Samantha said...

Eeeew math! Good for you getting it all straightened and calculated out. Woohoo! The shrug looks great and the colour is to die for. :) I looooove that purple bag. I'd love to get one too, but then I'd have less money for knitting books. *lol*

Brenda said...

Thanks for the link to the shrug. I love the pattern. Your looks great, BTW.

Sharon said...

That shrug is gorgeous, lovely colour. I like the pink/black Jordana Paige satchel, it is on my birthday wish list which unfortunatley isn't until September!!

Lynette said...

wow! your shrug came out great! now the one thing i wish you hadn't posted was the bag. i wonder how long i'll hold out before getting it.